Dedede Resort - Stage 11

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Dedede Resort - Stage 11
Dedede Resort Stage 11 KMA.png
The Teetering Tree.
Level Dedede Resort
Kirbys Needed 7
Medals 3
Rainbow Medal Medal 1
Stage Order
Dedede Resort - Stage 10 Dedede Resort - Boss Stage
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Dedede Resort - Stage 11 is a stage in Dedede Resort, from Kirby Mass Attack. At least seven Kirbys are needed to enter the stage.


The stage begins on the ground in a deep jungle zone. Progressing to the right, the Kirbys find a Birdee with a bell. Hitting this bell summons Big Birdee, who flies down and carries the Kirbys up to the top of a tree. Once the Kirbys land on the tree, however, it begins to teeter.

The next three areas are what is referred to as 'teetering tree' sections. While climbing the inside of the trunk, the Kirbys must shift from side to side to prevent the swaying tree from lingering on one side too much, which would cause the tree to fall over at immediately KO all the Kirbys. In addition, there are numerous hazards inside the trunks themselves. Once at the top of the last area in the stage, another bell-carrying Birdee will appear. If summoned using the bell, Big Birdee will pick up the Kirbys the moment before the tree falls down.

The last area of the stage involves the Kirbys riding on the backs of the Birdees, who serve as a platform for them to jump from. Along the way, a number of enemies will try to get in the way. Eventually, the Kirbys are able to reach the stage exit upon the clouds.

Medal Guide[edit]

  • Medal 1 Rainbow Medal.png - Near the bottom of the third teetering tree, the Rainbow Medal can be found to the left, on the same floor as a rolling spiked nut.
  • Medal 2 - Near the top of the third teetering tree, one of the copter plants has a medal in its grip. The Kirbys will have to grab it before it flies off.
  • Medal 3 - In the second teetering tree area, a Key can be grabbed from one of the far branches when the tree is tilted to the right. Later, while riding the Birdees, the chest can be found buried in a cache of Star Blocks. The medal is inside.


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