Kirby's Dream Land 3

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Kirby's Dream Land 3

Kirbys Dream Land 3 NA Boxart.jpg

Kirbys Dream Land 3 JP Boxart.jpg

Box art designs for Kirby's Dream Land 3 in various regions.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Shinichi Shimomura
Release date(s) SNES
NA November 27, 1997
Japan March 27, 1998

Virtual Console (Wii)
NA January 5, 2009
Japan April 28, 2009
Europe July 24, 2009[1]
Australia July 24, 2009

Virtual Console (Wii U)
Japan May 8, 2013
NA May 8, 2013
Europe July 25, 2013
Australia July 25, 2013

SNES: Nintendo Switch Online
Japan September 5, 2019
NA September 5, 2019
Europe September 5, 2019
Australia September 5, 2019
Platform(s) Super Nintendo, Wii (Virtual Console, Dream Collection), Wii U (Virtual Console), Nintendo Switch (SNES: Nintendo Switch Online)
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E.png - Everyone

PEGI: PEGI 3+.png - 3+

Game chronology
Kirby's Star Stacker (Game Boy) Kirby's Star Stacker (SNES)
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Kirby's Dream Land 3 is a video game released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the year 1997. It was developed by HAL Laboratory, Inc. and published by Nintendo. This game is the direct sequel to Kirby's Dream Land 2, adapting many mechanics of that game and continuing the story of Dark Matter. This game was followed by Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards in 2000, which expanded further upon the ideas introduced in this game and its predecessor. In 2009, the game was re-released via the Wii's Virtual Console service. It was later re-released in 2012 with other Kirby games in Kirby's Dream Collection, and again in 2013 as part of the Wii U's Virtual Console service. It would also be released in 2019 on the Nintendo Switch as part of its Nintendo Switch Online Super Nintendo emulator.

Kirby's Dream Land 3 continues the central concept of its predecessor by featuring only eight basic copy abilities for Kirby to acquire, but allowing him to pair these abilities with one of his Animal Friends for a different effect. Instead of just three friends, however, Kirby has access to a total of six, with each one offering a different set of strengths and drawbacks, as well as providing unique combinations when paired with an ability. Kirby also has access to an expanded move-set, which includes the Slide technique, the Headbutt, and the Dash. In addition, a second player can join in as Gooey, who can be called forth from inside Kirby's mouth at any time, and has nearly all of the same skills, including the copy ability and the ability to pair with animals. If no second player is available, Gooey can be directed by the CPU to act as a helper similar to the ones in Kirby Super Star.


In Kirby's Dream Land 3, Dark Matter invades Pop Star and implants itself in the center of the planet, as shown in this illustration from the manual.

The setting of Kirby's Dream Land 3 is Pop Star, Kirby's home planet. During the introduction scene, Kirby and Gooey are seen having fun during a fishing trip.[2]

However, while they enjoy the seemingly peaceful day, a black cloud appears in the sky. The black mass enters Pop Star's atmosphere, thereby shattering its rings, and quickly spreads over the whole planet.[3] Those who come in contact with the cloud get possessed by it, a fate that befalls many of Pop Star's denizens, even including King Dedede.[4]

As the cloud's activity commences, Coo the owl arrives and hastily notifies Kirby and Gooey of what is going on. [5] The two can only watch from a nearby hill as the cloud conquers Pop Star. Together with his friends from Kirby's Dream Land 2 (Rick, Kine and Coo) and three new friends (Nago, ChuChu and Pitch), Kirby sets out on a journey to free their home from the clutches of the intruder.[6]

Kirby and his friends travel through the five main areas of Pop Star, helping many citizens along the way, and fighting to free those under the cloud's possession, gaining a Heart Star through every deed. When they liberate the last area of Pop Star, the planet is saved, but the origin of the intruder's power still remains and hangs in the sky, gazing down upon the heroes.

When Kirby has collected all 30 Heart Stars, he enters the Hyper Zone and fights Dark Matter, who was controlling the clouds. The Heart Stars all combine together to create the Love-Love Stick, which Kirby wields during the combat. The two of them engage in a battle as Dark Matter's master reveals itself: Zero. Kirby manages to defeat Zero and expel Dark Matter and the dark clouds from his home.


The stage selection screen for Grass Land, the first level of the game.

Kirby's Dream Land 3 is a two-dimensional platformer game, which can be played by two players simultaneously. The game begins on the map screen showing Pop Star taken over by Dark Matter. From the map screen, the player can choose one of the five levels to enter. In the beginning, only level one is available, and every following level is unlocked after the boss of the level is defeated. The levels themselves are displayed on their own map screens and are divided into six stages and a boss stage.

At the end of every stage someone is waiting for Kirby.

To complete a level, the player needs to play through all the stages and defeat the boss at the end, causing the next level to be available. Additionally, each stage Kirby visits contains a Dream Lander waiting at the end and a specific errand that needs to be completed. If Kirby manages to complete whatever errand has to be done in the level, the character at the end will reward him with a Heart Star. Heart Stars are not needed to complete the game, but if Kirby manages to collect all of the Heart Stars of every level, the final boss and the true ending to the story will be unlocked.

Kirby and Gooey.

While playing a stage, Kirby can be controlled and moved around via the Directional Pad. The B Button causes him to jump, while consecutively pressing the button in the air makes him float. The Y Button can be used to inhale enemies and to spit them out again. An inhaled enemy can be gulped down by pressing down on the Directional Pad after inhaling. If the enemy possesses an ability, then Kirby will obtain this Copy Ability after gulping the enemy down. The Copy Ability can then can be used with the Y Button, or ditched with the Select Button. Eight such Copy Abilities are available for Kirby to use.

A press of the A Button lets Kirby summon his friend Gooey to assist him during stages. Gooey possesses skills very similar to those of Kirby, and he too can copy abilities. If any button on a second controller is pressed, a second player will gain control of Gooey. The second player can use the X Button to return to where Kirby is standing. Summoning Gooey costs Kirby one life point and reduces the maximum amount of life points from five to four. Kirby can regain the lost life point by inhaling Gooey and gulping him down again.

Rick and Kirby using Fire.

Kirby's life energy consists of ten life points, represented as five bars which can appear in half increments. When Gooey is summoned, the maximum capacity of the health meter shrinks down to four bars to make room for Gooey's health meter, which also consists of four life points. Whenever a character gets hit by an enemy or an environmental hazard, his health goes down by half a bar. Kirby and Gooey can replenish lost health by eating food or Maxim Tomatoes. Kirby may also swallow Gooey to regain one life bar. When Kirby falls into a bottomless pit, or when his life meter drops to zero, he loses a life and his current Copy Ability. If he runs out of extra lives, the game ends.

Kirby and Gooey can only copy eight different abilities, a relatively small number when compared to other games of the Kirby series. This is augmented by Kirby's various animal helpers. Like in the previous game, there are several animal helpers to be found during levels. Each of these six friends can accompany Kirby and/or Gooey and help him with their specific skills. The animal helpers also modify the protagonists' Copy Abilities, thus creating a new ability. When including these augmented abilities, there are 56 different abilities in the game, not counting the special ability Kirby and Gooey obtain during the final fight.


Image Name Description Manual quote
KDL3 kirby.jpg Kirby The main protagonist and titular character of Kirby's Dream Land 3, famous for his appetite. He already saved his homeland in the past and has to protect it again from the clutches of Dark Matter. To do so, he can jump, float by inflating himself, inhale enemies, and copy their abilities. In this game, Kirby tags along with six of his friends to help him battle the forces that took control of Pop Star. Hi, I'm Kirby! Pop Star is in BIG trouble. Gooey and I are going to get to the bottom of this. Wish us luck!
KDL3 normal gooey2.jpg Gooey Kirby's friend, Gooey is a blob-like creature made from Dark Matter. Despite his origin, he seems to get along with Kirby and his friends quite well, and doesn't appear to inherit any of his creator's malevolent tendencies.[7] Gooey can be summoned by Kirby to accompany him. He possesses abilities similar to those of Kirby, and can even float in the air like him. Though he does not possess a powerful suction attack like Kirby, he can cast out his long tongue to grab enemies and swallow them to steal their abilities. I can use the same attacks as Kirby!
KDL3 ChuChu artwork.png ChuChu ChuChu the octopus is also one of Kirby's three new friends. When Kirby travels with her, ChuChu stays atop of Kirby's head. While being accompanied by ChuChu, Kirby cannot use his inhale attack. Instead, ChuChu will extend one of her tentacles and pull an enemy it reaches into Kirby's mouth, much how like Gooey can. ChuChu takes control when Kirby flies, but her gain of height will decrease with every button press until she cannot gain any height and eventually touching the ground. Another trait of ChuChu is her ability to stick to ceilings and travel along them. When another animal friend is chosen over her, she adopts a saddened expression. I can stick to ceilings! I can also fly, but not very well.
KDL3 Coo artwork.png Coo Coo is an owl and also one of Kirby's friends from the previous game. When Kirby takes him along, Coo sits on top of his head. Coo is specialized in aerial travel and can fly the fastest of all of Kirby's friends, being able to fly fast enough to travel through strong winds. Whenever another animal friend is chosen over him, he lowers his head and looks disappointed. Coo also is the one to inform Kirby and Gooey about Dark Matter's attack. In the air, it's Coo to the rescue. Storms and strong winds are a piece of cake! Coo can fly like an eagle.
KDL3 Kine artwork.png Kine Kine is a blue fish with yellow fins and a big mouth. He is one of Kirby's friends from the previous game. Kirby travels in his mouth when he tags Kine along. While he performs acceptably on land, Kine's true advantages come into play when he has to travel underwater. Kine is a supreme swimmer and can even battle his way through currents. What's unique is the fact that Kirby can inhale underwater when traveling with Kine. On land, he can also defeat enemies by jumping on them. Whenever Kirby prefers another animal friend over him, he gets watery eyes and looks genuinely saddened. Under water, Kine can get the job done. Strong currents are no problem! Kine's a great swimmer.
KDL3Nago.png Nago Nago is a tall, vaguely anthropomorphic cat sporting a fur pattern of white, orange, and brown spots. Official artwork and his in-game sprites often depict him grinning. When Kirby chooses him as his animal helper, Nago tags Kirby along by forming him into a ball and rolling him around. With Nago, Kirby loses the ability to fly, but Nago is capable to jump in mid-air up to two times, giving him a triple jump. When another animal helper is chosen over Nago, he stretches out his front paws and adopts an envious expression. I can perform a triple jump. Hop on me!
KDL3 pitch2.jpg Pitch Pitch is a small green bird. His lack of size and his almost spherical shape is often reflected by the variations he makes out of Kirby's abilities. When traveling together, Kirby carries Pitch in front of him. Pitch can fly like Coo, although he is not as fast and cannot fly through strong winds; his flight abilities are more similar to those of Kirby. When another animal helper is preferred over Pitch, he adopts a furious expression and can be seen bickering angrily. Don't forget me! I can make some copied abilities better!
KDL3 rick.jpg Rick Rick is a round, plump hamster having white fur with large orange spots. He is one of Kirby's friends that appeared in the precursor to Kirby's Dream Land 3, Kirby's Dream Land 2. Kirby rides on Rick's back when they travel together. With Rick, Kirby cannot inhale enemies, but Rick can swallow them by catching them with his mouth, even while walking around. In addition, Kirby cannot fly when traveling with Rick but instead can climb walls. Other traits of Rick include his ability to stomp on enemies and to walk on slippery surfaces without problems. When another Animal Friend is chosen in his presence, he lowers his head and looks slightly sad, not unlike how he does in the Grass Land cutscene. On the ground, Rick's the best. He won't slide on ice! Hop on Rick and get cruisin'!


Neutral enemies[edit]

These enemies appear littered throughout stages, and provide no Copy Ability if swallowed by Kirby or Gooey.

Name Appearance Description
Apolo KDL3SprApolo.png These cone-shaped enemies can be seen swinging around trees and pillars and will hurt Kirby if he comes in contact while they are in the foreground. Inhaling and swallowing an Apolo heals Kirby by one HP.
Babut KDL3SprBabut.png A vampiric bat-like creature that can be seen hanging from ceilings. It will fly in Kirby's general direction if disturbed and will bite him if they make contact. Babut is one of the few neutral enemies who does not attack by collision.
Batamon KDL3 Batamon Sprite.png A pink rotund foe who looks a lot like Kirby. Batamon tends to lurk in places where Kirby cannot reach him and may wander off-stage. Apart from this, he behaves like a Waddle Dee.
Blipper KDL3 Blipper Sprite.png A fish who wears goggles and can be commonly found underwater. It moves lazily about and will hurt Kirby by collision.
Boulder KDL3 Boulder Sprite.png DL3 Smooth Boulder Sprite.png DL3 Ice Boulder Sprite.png This hazard can be found in a few stages, either rolling down slopes or falling in from above. It cannot be destroyed and must be avoided.
Bouncy DL3 Bouncy Sprite.png KDL3 Bouncy Drawing Sprite.png A spring-based foe who can bounce in place or while moving. It attacks by collision. Also comes in drawing form.
Bronto Burt BrontoBurt KDL3.png DL3 Bronto Burt Drawing Sprite.png This stubborn flyer can move in all sorts of patterns and is highly aggressive. Also comes in drawing form.
Cappy DL3 Cappy Sprite.png This mushroom-like enemy can throw its cap above itself. If Kirby attempts to inhale Cappy while its cap is on, the cap will fly into his mouth first.
Coconut DL3 Coconut Sprite.png This hazardous object can typically be found hanging from palm trees and will attempt to fall on Kirby's head and explode if he passes underneath.
Como KDL3SprComo.png These spider-like enemies can be seen hanging from strings and will drop down when Kirby approaches. They will try to spit webs at Kirby but can be defeated with by direct attack or by cutting their string with an attack.
Corori KDL3SprCorori.png A penguin-like foe who pushes large snowballs down hills at Kirby. They are otherwise defenseless.
Dekabu KDL3SprDekabu.png A large stone head which will hop out of crevices and spit out smaller Kabus until defeated.
Dogon KDL3SprDogon.png These caveman-like foes use their clubs to nullify projectiles thrown at them. They can be easily defeated using copy abilities though.
Doka DL3 Doka Sprite.png Shovel-wielding baddies who try to fling dirt at Kirby.
Gabon KDL3SprGabon.png Skull-wearers who will try to throw bones at Kirby. They are defenseless once unmasked.
Glunk DL3 Glunk Sprite.png Anemone-like foes who stay put and shoot projectiles out of their tops.
Gordo DL3 Gordo Sprite.png Spiky hazards that cannot be defeated. They may move back and forth.
Icicle KDL3SprIcicle.png A ceiling-hanging hazard which will attempt to fall on Kirby should he pass beneath it.
Joe DL3 Joe Sprite.png Shark-like foes who patrol the water and will try to bite Kirby.
Kabu DL3 Kabu Sprite.png Small stone head statues which will spin toward Kirby to try and hit him.
Kany DL3 Kany Sprite.png Crab-like enemies that can extend their claws to attack.
Loud DL3 Loud Sprite.png An elusive cloud enemy that will try to rain on Kirby.
Madoo KDL3SprMadoo.png A floating wizard-like foe who will shoot dark orbs down at Kirby. These orbs can break certain blocks.
Mariel KDL3SprMariel.png A four-legged spider who unfurls its legs when approached. Will harm Kirby if he inhales it.
Metroid KDL3 Metroid Sprite.png Parasitic jellyfish which can only be encountered in one stage. Cannot actually harm Kirby.
Mopoo DL3 Mopoo Sprite.png Icy sphere enemies which erupt from the ground and fly in arcs or straight ahead.
Mumbies DL3 Mumbies Sprite.png Bandage-wrapped floating orbs which cannot be inhaled and will slowly pursue Kirby.
Mony DL3 Mony Sprite.png Aquatic foes that slowly pursue Kirby.
Nidoo KDL3SprNidoo.png Dark blobs which disguise themselves as doorways.
Nruff DL3 Nruff Sprite.png Charging pig-like creatures that can leap over gaps. Waddle Dees sometimes ride them.
Oro DL3 Oro Sprite.png A slug-like enemy that conceals itself until Kirby approaches. It can be defeated by jumping on it.
Pacto DL3 Pacto Sprite.png A floating yellow creature with a huge maw that will try to eat Kirby if he approaches. Cannot be inhaled.
Pasara DL3 Pasara Sprite.png Floating cotton-like enemies that will break into smaller copies if attacked or if Kirby tries to inhale them.
Peloo DL3 Peloo Sprite.png Faces that appear on walls which will try to lap up Kirby with their tongues. Cannot be defeated.
Peran KDL3SprPeran.png Bulbous enemies that peek in from a peel in the background and throw projectiles at Kirby. Can be knocked out by Headbutting them.
Polof DL3 Polof Sprite.png A rabbit-like creature that does not appear to want to attack Kirby at all. Only one exists in the game.
Popon DL3 Popon Sprite.png A green slimy creature that can grow taller, becoming up to 5 segments tall. It can only be defeated when it is down to one segment.
Poppy Bros. Jr. DL3 Poppy Bros. Jr. Sprite.png Small jesters who can be seen balancing on apples.
Propeller KDL3SprPropeller.png Flying enemies of various color who will pursue Kirby's Animal Friends depending on which friend Kirby is riding. They often are seen hatching from eggs.
Pteran DL3 Pteran Sprite.png High-flying foes who often travel in packs and move slowly downward.
Raft Waddle Dee DL3 Raft Waddle Dee Sprite.png Waddle Dees riding rafts that can float on water. If hit will lose their rafts.
Scarfy KDL3SprScarfy.png Flying enemies who appear cute until Kirby tries to inhale them, upon which they become angry and chase him.
Shotzo DL3 Shotzo Sprite.png Invulnerable cannon enemies who will shoot continuous volleys and may be able to re-aim themselves.
Squishy DL3 Squishy Sprite.png Aquatic squid-like enemies that move in quick spurts.
Waddle Dee DL3 Waddle Dee Sprite.png DL3 Waddle Dee Drawing Sprite.png Small brown creatures similar in physique to Kirby who pose little threat. They can be found in a number of different situations. Also comes in drawing form.
Wapod DL3 Wapod Sprite.png An ornate jug which continuously emits ghostly Waddle Dees that float upward. The jug must be destroyed to stop the ghosts from spawning.
Yaban KDL3SprYaban.png A jungle boy who jumps and fires an arrow from his bow.
Zebon DL3 Zebon Sprite.png A green orb which acts as a Cannon. Does not actually harm Kirby.

Ability-yielding enemies[edit]

These somewhat less-common enemies provide Copy Abilities, which can be used in tandem with the Animal Friends for even more possible attacks, as well as to solve puzzles.

Name Appearance Copy Ability Description
Bobin KDL3SprBobin.png Spark An electric pufferfish found in underwater areas. It fires electric shots in a straight line when it sees Kirby, and can do this even if on land.
Bobo KDL3SprBobo.png Burning A walking ember of fire with beady eyes. It is not actually any more dangerous than a typical enemy and relies on collision to harm Kirby.
Boten KDL3SprBoten.png Needle This foe disguises itself as part of a cactus until Kirby gets near, then springs its thorns in defense. It is capable of limited movement.
Broom Hatter DL3 Broom Hatter Sprite.png Clean This modest foe sweeps the ground with her broom in a fixed pattern, usually not venturing far from where she is spotted.
Bukiset KDL3SprBukiset.png (depends on type) These white knights come in eight different varieties. The type of weapon they wield determines what ability Kirby will get from them.
Chilly DL3 Chilly Sprite.png Ice This snowman enemy typically holds in place and dances back and forth, occasionally conjuring a freezing aura around itself to attack Kirby with.
Galbo DL3 Galbo Sprite.png Burning This compact ball-dragon attacks by breathing a cone of fire at Kirby.
Gansan DL3 Gansan Sprite.png Stone A creature consisting of three covalent stones which can roll down hills.
Kapar KDL3SprKapar.png Cutter A green amphibious foe who throws its razor-sharp hat like a boomerang at Kirby.
KeKe KDL3SprKeke.png Clean A broom-riding cat-ears-wearing girl who floats lazily through the air. Can be knocked off her broom and sent tumbling.
Klinko KDL3SprKlinko.png Parasol A creature wearing a straw umbrella that hops around.
Magoo DL3 Magoo Sprite.png Burning A round fiery foe who hops in and out of lava.
Rocky DL3 Rocky Sprite.png Stone A rock with eyes and feet which will fall quickly after walking off a ledge.
Sasuke DL3 Sasuke Sprite.png Parasol A hat-wearing round creature which will drift slowly to the ground when falling.
Sir Kibble DL3 Sir Kibble Sprite.png Cutter A suit of armor that throws a bladed boomerang at Kirby.
Sparky DL3 Sparky Sprite.png Spark A green blob with hands capable of conducting electricity.
Tick DL3 Tick Sprite.png Needle A blob-like enemy that can shoot its top up in a huge spike when threatened.
Togezo KDL3SprTogezo.png Needle A small enemy wearing a spiny shell. It moves back and forth slowly.
Wappa KDL3SprWappa.png Ice A yeti-like enemy that can roll into a ball and travel down slopes.


Each mid-boss has 128 HP. For reference, a Star Bullet deals 32 damage, and a Blaster Bullet (at least 2 stars swallowed) deals 64 damage in this game.

In addition, mid-bosses have resistance (damage ×0.75) and/or weakness (damage ×1.25).

Name Appearance Copy Ability Resistance Weakness Description
Blocky KDL3 MB Blocky.png Stone Xmark.png Star Bullet
A heavy stone enemy that attacks by tackling and jumping around and crashing into Kirby. The impacts create boulders that can be inhaled and spat out to deal damage.
Boboo KDL3 MB Boboo.png Burning Burning Xmark.png A bigger and stronger version of the regular enemy Bobo. It attacks by using flaming tackles and can be defeated with the cinder its attacks create.
Captain Stitch KDL3 MB CaptainStitch.png Needle Needle Xmark.png A larger version of the regular enemy Gordo. It attacks by launching its needles which can be inhaled. Captain Stitch is invulnerable as long as it is protected by its needles.
Haboki KDL3 MB Haboki.png Clean Clean Xmark.png A giant broom. It attacks Kirby by sweeping dust at him and trying to squish him with a jump. The jumps create stars that can be inhaled.
Jumper Shoot KDL3 MB JumperShoot.png Parasol Parasol Xmark.png An umbrella enemy with one eye. It attacks by spinning rapidly and by throwing its sandal at Kirby. The sandal can be used to attack and defeat the enemy.
Yuki KDL3 MB Yuki.png Ice Ice Xmark.png An enemy resembling a snowman. It attacks by throwing its head and replicas of it at Kirby. It cannot be damaged as long as the head is separated from the body.


Name Appearance HP Description
Whispy KDL3 B Whispy.png 256 Whispy is a sentient tree and the possessed boss of Grass Land.
He attacks by exhaling air pellets and spitting fruit and has a pointy nose that can damage Kirby. The fruits he spits out can be inhaled and used as projectiles.
After having his life meter depleted, Whispy begins to move around angrily, spitting more food at Kirby. If Kirby moves to close to him, he will kick him away like a ball.
Acro KDL3 B Acro.png 256 Acro is an orca that lives at Ripple Field and was possessed by Dark Matter. Kirby fights this boss in two phases: A phase on dry land and an underwater phase.
On land, Acro tries to attack Kirby by ramming him. When it crashes into a wall, Kirby can use the debris to attack Acro.
In the second phase, Acro swims around while spitting various objects at Kirby. Kirby can throw these objects back at Acro with his water gun, or another ability.
Pon Con KDL3 B PonCon.png Pon: 160
Con: 160
Pon the raccoon and Con the fox are two animals of Sand Canyon that got corrupted by Dark Matter. They are later known as Pon & Con in Kirby Star Allies.
They walk around the stage in colonies, accompanied by many smaller members of their species. Kirby can inhale the smaller animals and spit them back at the duo.
While the fight commences, bombs steadily drop from the top of the screen. The bombs need to be avoided, or they will cause Kirby damage.
Notably, the Blaster Bullet only deals 32 damage to Pon & Con.
Ado KDL3 B Ado.png 1 Ado is a young artist who was in Cloudy Park when Dark Matter attacked. She is very similar to Adeleine from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
The artist attacks by painting enemies on a great easel and making them come to life. Kirby then needs to defeat the paintings before he can take on Ado.
Four of these paintings need to be defeated, all of which are bosses from Kirby's Dream Land 2.
Ice Dragon Ice Dragon KDL3.png 96 A painted version of Ice Dragon. It attacks by using its breath to move around rapidly and by spitting out ice cubes. The ice cubes can be inhaled and launched back at the beast to defeat it.
Sweet Stuff Sweet Stuff KDL3.png 128 A painting of Sweet Stuff. It attacks by firing lightning orbs at Kirby. Sometimes it releases a star-shaped object that can be inhaled and spat back at the boss, which will damage it.
Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright Mr Shine KDL3.png Mr Bright KDL3.png Mr. Shine: 96
Mr. Bright: 96
Mr. Shine the moon, and Mr. Bright the sun, two bosses painted by Ado. During the fight, Mr. Bright constantly drops fireballs which can be used as projectiles to defeat the duo.
Kracko Kracko KDL3.png 256 A painting of a cloud creature, drawn by Ado. It attacks by shooting lightning bolts at Kirby. Sometimes it drops a smaller version of itself, called Co-Kracko. The Co-Krackos can be used to defeat this boss.
King Dedede KDL3 B Dedede.png 1st phase: 256
2nd phase: 256
Kirby's arch-rival who got possessed by Dark Matter. He is fought at the end of Iceberg and attacks in two phases: A battle on the ground and a battle in the air.
When on the ground he tries to smack Kirby with his hammer or flatten him by jumping on him. Some of his attacks leave stars behind that can be inhaled and spat out to damage Dedede.
During the air battle that follows, King Dedede hovers in the air and attacks by transforming his stomach into a maw or by shooting dark orbs from an eye in his belly. The dark orbs can be used to damage him.
Dark Matter KDL3 B DarkMatter.png 1024 A manifestation of Dark Matter and the penultimate boss of the game that must be defeated before Kirby can take on the final boss.
It appears like a black orb of dark energy with several orange spheres encircling its back.
It attacks by sending out the orange spheres located at its back and by shooting energy beams at Kirby, similar to its second phase in Kirby's Dream Land 2.
Zero KDL3 B Zero.png 1st phase: 4080
2nd phase: 256
The master of Dark Matter and final boss of the game.
Zero looks like a giant white sphere with a single glaring red eye. Its eye can be seen before the boss fight on several occasions, for example during the introduction cutscene.
It attacks by tackling Kirby, creating small manifestations of Dark Matter as projectiles and by squirting blood.
If Kirby manages to deplete its life points, its eye will burst out of the body and try to attack Kirby on its own. To defeat Zero, Kirby must destroy the eye.


Level Name Description Boss Notes
1 An area featuring pleasant green plains and forests. Whispy Woods
2 A tropical region featuring shallow lagoons, deep seas, and white marble ruins. Acro
3 A desert realm with many caves and ruins, also containing a black pyramid full of advanced technology. Pon Con
4 A region set above the clouds, featuring cloud tunnels, high mountain pillars, and a fancy castle. Ado
5 A frigid zone featuring snowy environs, ice floes in a chilly sea, and two separate building complexes, along with one of King Dedede's spare castles. King Dedede
6 The inside of the giant dark cloud that fell upon Pop Star, home to Dark Matter and Zero. Dark Matter, Zero This level is only accessible if all the Heart Stars are collected before defeating King Dedede in Iceberg.

Copy Abilities[edit]

There are 9 Copy Abilities in Kirby's Dream Land 3. Each ability (with the exception of Love-Love Stick) can combine with an Animal Friend, like in Kirby's Dream Land 2.

Copy Ability Icon Apperance Damage Description Obtained from
Burning KDL3 Icon Burning.png
KDL3 Burn Kirby sprite.png
32 Kirby becomes an invincible fireball and dashes forward. The distance he travels shortens with repeated uses.
Clean KDL3 Icon Clean.png
KDL3 Clean Kirby sprite.png
48 Kirby sweeps enemies at close range with his broom. He can also aim the dust slightly upward.
Cutter KDL3 Icon Cutter.png
KDL3 Cutter Kirby sprite.png
16 Kirby throws a mid-ranged cutter boomerang that can also be curved upward.
Ice KDL3 Icon Ice.png
KDL3 Ice Kirby sprite.png
32 Kirby breathes close-ranged icy wind to freeze enemies that can be aimed upward.
Needle KDL3 Icon Needle.png
KDL3 Needle Kirby sprite.png
48 Kirby pokes close-ranged needles from his body.
Parasol KDL3 Icon Parasol.png
KDL3 Parasol Kirby sprite.png
48 Kirby swings his parasol as a weapon. He can also drift in the air, and shield himself by crouching.
Spark KDL3 Icon Spark.png
KDL3 Spark Kirby sprite.png
32 Kirby generates a small electric barrier around himself.
Stone KDL3 Icon Stone.png
KDL3 Stone Kirby sprite.png
32 Kirby transforms into an invincible stone, smashing down when used in midair.
Love-Love Stick KDL3 Icon LoveLoveStick.png
KDL3 Love-Love Stick Kirby sprite.png
32 Kirby shoots Heart Stars in front of him. This ability is used against the final boss. N/A
Damage of Animal Friend Copy Abilities
Animal Friend Burning Clean Cutter Ice Needle Parasol Spark Stone
Rick 32 48 32 32 64 64 32 32
Kine 32 32 32 32 48 32 32 32
Coo 32 48 32 32 48 24 16 32
ChuChu 48 64 32 32 32 32 32 64
Nago 16 32 32 32 32 32 32 64
Pitch 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32


Kirby's Dream Land 3 received mixed reviews, earning a score of 66.25% on review aggregator GameRankings.[8] IGN gave the game a score of 7 out of 10,[9] praising the wide variety of Copy Abilities, but criticizing the implementation of multiplayer compared to Kirby Super Star. Nintendo Life gave the game a score of 6 out of 10,[10] praising the graphics and gameplay, but criticizing the soundtrack and the lack of challenge.

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  • The original Super Nintendo Entertainment System release of Kirby's Dream Land 3 did not release worldwide, only appearing in North America and Japan. Back then the Nintendo 64 was already released and Nintendo was focused on the latest console.[11] The game itself pokes fun at this in the Japanese version, where Boss Butch features a "Nintendo 16" logo (referring to the 16-bit hardware of the SNES, compared to the 64-bit hardware of the N64).
  • This game's original release was rated Kids to Adults, however, the Kirby's Dream Collection ESRB rating was E10+, possibly because of the blood from both the Zero battle in this game and the battle in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
  • Kirby's Dream Land 3 is the only main-series Kirby game to feature the Parasol ability without a corresponding parasol entity held by enemies.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星のカービィ3
Hoshi no Kābī 3
Kirby of the Stars 3

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