Sandy Canyon - Stage 1

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Sandy Canyon - Stage 1
Sandy Canyon Stage 1 KMA.png
The Kirbys make it rain.
Level Sandy Canyon
Kirbys Needed 1
Medals 5
Rainbow Medal Medal 2
Stage Order
Green Grounds - Boss Stage Sandy Canyon - Stage 2
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Sandy Canyon - Stage 1 is a stage in Sandy Canyon, from Kirby Mass Attack. Only 1 Kirby is needed to enter the stage.


The stage begins out in the desert, and introduces quicksand to Kirby by having a Beanbon get trapped inside. Ahead are a number of Stactus - common creatures native to the region. A side-door can be found which will give the Kirbys early access to the stage exit (and potentially get a Gold Star), but if they want the rest of the medals, they should ignore this temptation.

The path leads into a series of underwater tunnels, where the Kirbys will have to contend with some Squisters, then a Scoopy. Defeating this menace will allow the Kirbys to return to the surface, bringing the water with them.

Back outside, the Kirbys will have to contend with Blish spitting from the waters below. Past several bridges and their guardians is the path to the stage exit.

Medal Guide[edit]

  • Medal 1 - Along the main path, a trio of Stactus sits stacked above a medal under metal blocks. The Kirbys can get the medal by pummeling the Stactus.
  • Medal 2 Rainbow Medal.png - Down the underwater passages, a chamber can be found to the left containing a Kyuin guarding the Rainbow Medal. The Kirbys will have to grab it, careful not to get sucked in.
  • Medal 3 - In a side-chamber, the Kirbys will have to first deal with the Crazy Stactus guarding the path. From there, the medal can be found over a pool of water, held by a Bomb Block barrier. When the Kirbys release the medal, they will need to catch it before it falls into the bottomless pit.
  • Medal 4 - On the main path, the medal can be found under a bridge with a Blish. The Kirbys will need to guide the Blish to attack under the medal, shooting it up to where it can be grabbed.
  • Medal 5 - A side-door can be seen in the water under a long bridge which a Blish guards. To get in the water, the Kirbys will need to travel ahead and deal with a Deluppon standing over metal blocks. Through the door is an area where the Kirbys can ride a log over a small lake. On an island in the lake are a number of flowers with spinning pedals. The second flower with one thorned petal will yield the medal when the other pedals have been plucked.


Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None