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Enemy InfoBox
Artwork from Kirby Mass Attack.
Debut Game Kirby Mass Attack
Latest Game Kirby Mass Attack
Copy Ability N/A
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Hamsturr is a Mid-Boss in Kirby Mass Attack. It appears in Dedede Resort - Stage 10, serving as the final obstacle which the Kirbys must overcome. Hamsturr is somewhat true to its name in that it resembles a hamster, but has the same proportions as Kirby. It holds a flail (chained mace) and a shield. Hamsturr attacks from behind its shield by throwing the flail forward. The shield can be broken, however, if enough Kirbys are tossed at it. From there, Hamsturr can be pummeled and defeated in a single phase, making it among the easier Mid-Bosses to defeat in Mass Attack.

Hamsturr would later appear as a Keychain in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.