Dom Woole

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Character InfoBox
Official artwork of Dom Woole.
Debut Game Kirby's Epic Yarn
Last Game Kirby's Epic Yarn
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Dom Woole is a non-playable character in Kirby's Epic Yarn. He runs many of the areas in Quilty Square, and helps Kirby with his pad. He is first seen after Prince Fluff's Castle is completed, and gives Kirby apartment 101 due to having to stay in Patch Land for a while and knowing Prince Fluff.

He requests Kirby's help after Flower Fields is beaten, asking him to decorate apartment 102 by inserting matching furniture into the silhouettes. After the furniture is placed, Zeke moves into the apartment and Dom thanks Kirby. If Kirby then gives him 10,000 beads, he will add a second floor, where Kirby must do the same thing again for other neighbors to move into apartments 201 and 202. Then, after playing with all neighbors once, he asks for 25,000 beads as a final fee to unlock the last two apartments.

Dom has two brothers, named Chaise Woole and Loomis Woole, who are the proprietors of the Fabric and Furniture shops in Quilty Square, respectively. Their products can be used to decorate Kirby's Pad.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
German Willi Webstuhl Willi Loom