Green Grounds - Stage 5

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Green Grounds - Stage 5
Green Grounds Stage 5 KMA.png
Schnoz gets 'Schnozzy' in Stage 5.
Level Green Grounds
Kirbys Needed 5
Medals 5
Rainbow Medal Medal 5
Stage Order
Green Grounds - Stage 4 Green Grounds - Stage 6
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Green Grounds - Stage 5 is a stage in Green Grounds, from Kirby Mass Attack. 5 Kirbys are needed to enter the stage.


The stage begins in the woods, in a heavily walled area. Ahead, a Heave-Ho Block can be found, with a Schnoz trying to push it forward. The Kirbys will have to push back to move forward. After a walk past sinking platforms, a cannon on a spring can be found. From there, A larger Big Schnoz will try to get in the way, which the Kirbys must contend with.

A long horizontal cave is traversed, which holds a Jumbo Candy. The Kirbys can use this to steamroll their way forward for a little while.

The next area begins with a large chamber which sinks as the Kirbys weigh it down. It eventually opens up to lead back outside into the woods.

In the last area, the Kirbys will have to wrestle with a Bigger Schnoz for control of the stage exit.

Medal Guide[edit]

  • Medal 1 - At the spring cannon, the Kirbys have to get in and cause the spring to stretch, then fire through the Metal Block barricade to get this medal. At least 5 Kirbys are needed to weigh down the spring.
  • Medal 2 - In the cave area, past the Jumbo Candy, the Kirbys have to wrestle with another Big Schnoz to get this medal.
  • Medal 3 - To the right of Medal 2, the third medal can be found behind a Metal Block barricade. The Kirbys need to get here with the Jumbo Candy still in effect to bust through.
  • Medal 4 - In the sinking chamber, a Jerkweed can be found at the top which holds this Medal.
  • Medal 5 Rainbow Medal.png - Just to the right of the sinking chamber, back outside, a platform with a '10' on it can be found. All 10 Kirbys are needed to weigh it down, granting access to the Rainbow Medal.


Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None