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Dyna Blade's Nest (Battle Stage)

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Dyna Blade's Nest
KF2 Stage Dyna Blade Nest.png
The stage select image for Dyna Blade's Nest in Kirby Fighters 2
Game(s) Kirby Fighters Deluxe, Kirby Fighters 2
Hazard(s) Dyna Blade
Based on Dyna Blade's Nest
Theme Music

Default music for Dyna Blade's Nest.

Alternate Music

Alternate music for Dyna Blade's Nest.

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This article is about the Battle Stage. For the level in Dyna Blade, see Dyna Blade's Nest.

Dyna Blade's Nest is a Battle Stage that appears in Kirby Fighters Deluxe and Kirby Fighters 2. It is a small flat arena where Dyna Blade appears to attack the fighters.


Dyna Blade's Nest is a flat stage with no additional platforms. It is also among the smallest stages in the game, leaving little room for fighters to retreat. Dyna Blade (resembling her 2D sprite incarnation from Kirby Super Star Ultra) swoops in at regular intervals to harass the fighters. The following lists all of her attacks and how much damage they do:

  • Colliding with Dyna Blade at any point inflicts 18 damage.
  • Dyna Blade can spit fireballs that each do 18 damage.
  • Dyna Blade can launch her head forward, dealing 18 damage on impact.
  • Dyna Blade can swoop and grab fighters with her talons. Caught fighters take 12 damage during the grab, then get slammed into the ground and flattened for an additional 48 damage if they do not escape.

Some of Dyna Blade's movements will drop Dropped Stars, which can be used to attack other fighters with. Dyna Blade can be attacked, and if she takes enough damage, will fly away without performing any moves. She cannot be defeated.

The stage takes its visual cues from the boss fight with Dyna Blade in Kirby Super Star Ultra. Its layout is almost exactly the same, barring a graphical upgrade in the visuals to make them 3D.

In Kirby Fighters 2, it is possible to toggle on or off the hazards for this stage in regular battles. When hazards are off, Dyna Blade will not appear.

Unlock requirements[edit]

In Kirby Fighters 2, Dyna Blade's Nest is unlocked upon attaining Fighters Rank level 42. The secret song for the stage is unlocked at a Fighters Rank of 79.


Screenshot of Kirby battling Dyna Blade at her nest in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Main article: Dyna Blade's Nest

Dyna Blade's Nest is based on the area of the same name from Dyna Blade in Kirby Super Star Ultra. In this game-mode, Kirby battles against Dyna Blade in order to stop her from disrupting Dream Land's crops, only to find out that she had three chicks to look after. To solve the conflict, Kirby helps raise the chicks in a less disruptive manner, thus befriending the formerly troublesome Dyna Blade.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイナブレイドの
Daina Bureido no Su
Dyna Blade's Nest
Traditional Chinese 巨大鋒翼鳥的巢
jù dà fēng yì niǎo de cháo
Gigantic Edge-Winged Bird's Nest
Simplified Chinese 巨大锋翼鸟的巢
jù dà fēng yì niǎo de cháo
Dutch Dyna Blades nest Dyna Blade's nest
French Nid Dyna Blade Dyna Blade Nest
German Dyna-Blade-Nest Dyna Blade Nest
Italian Nido di Dyna Blade Dyna Blade's Nest
Korean 다이나 블레이드의 둥지
daina beulleideuui dungji
Dyna Blade's Nest
Spanish Nido de Dyna Blade Dyna Blade's Nest