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Single-Handed Mode

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In this challenge mode, you compete for the best clear time as you fight battle after battle all alone! Show your skills by taking out enemies as fast as you can!
— Pause screen description for Single-Handed Mode in Kirby Fighters 2

Single-Handed Mode is a single player game mode within Kirby Fighters 2. It plays similarly to the original Kirby Fighters Sub-Game and the Single Player Mode in Kirby Fighters Deluxe, pitting the player in nine subsequent rounds against a varying number of random opponents on mostly random stages, with a battle against Shadow Kirby in the final round. This mode is unlocked upon completing Chapter 1 of Story Mode: The Destined Rivals, and completing it once on all difficulties (in addition to completing it on Hard or Very Hard with all characters) is required for 100% completion of Kirby Fighters 2.


Screenshot of a partially-filled difficulty select screen for Fighter Kirby in Single-Handed Mode.

In Single-Handed Mode, the player picks a specific Copy Ability or other character and plays nine rounds in succession against a varying number of opponents. Unlike in the Story Mode, the player does not have access to a teammate, and unlike in the original Kirby Fighters, they must sometimes battle teams of two or three opponents at once. Due to this, no team-exclusive items appear, and the Ghost mechanic is disabled. The player also has 240 HP (even as King Dedede), and is fully restored for every round. Aside from Round 9, the opponents that are faced are randomly selected, though King Dedede and Meta Knight cannot appear as opponents.

The objective of this game-mode is to clear all nine rounds as quickly as possible. If the player is defeated, they can restart from the round they last played without limit, but the timer does not reset. Once Hard difficulty has been cleared for the first time, Very Hard difficulty is unlocked.

The following table lists off details about each round. For more information on stage selection, see the table under "Stage appearances":

Rounds in Single-Handed Mode  
Round Opponent(s) Notes
Round 1 Vs. one opponent (150 HP) This round always takes place on the Green Gardens stage.
Round 2 Vs. one opponent (180 HP)
Round 3 Vs. two opponents (160 HP)
Round 4 Vs. two opponents (160 HP)
Round 5 Vs. one opponent (240 HP) This round always takes place on the Gourmet Go Go stage.
Round 6 Vs. two opponents (180 HP) The two opponents are always the same fighter.
Round 7 Vs. two opponents (180 HP)
Round 8 Vs. three opponents (110 HP)
Final Round Vs. Shadow Kirby Shadow Kirby copies the abilities of the character picked at the start of the mode.
This round always takes place on the Decisive Battlefield stage.
There are no items in this round.

Medal thresholds[edit]

Screenshot of a battle in progress in Single-Handed Mode against two opponents.

The following are the time requirements for medals in each difficulty of Single-Handed Mode. These do not vary by character:

Medal thresholds in Single-Handed Mode  
Difficulty Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Easy under 7:30 under 6:30 under 5:30 under 5:00
Normal under 8:00 under 7:00 under 6:00 under 5:30
Hard under 12:00 under 10:00 under 8:30 under 8:00
Very Hard under 13:30 under 11:30 under 9:30 under 9:00

Stage appearances[edit]

The following lists the possible stages that can appear in each round of Single-Handed Mode. Note that while the stages are randomized to a degree, no stage can appear twice in a single playthrough:

Stage appearances in Single-Handed Mode  
Stage Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Final Round
Green Gardens Yes No No No No No No No No
Bubbly Clouds No Yes No No No No Yes No No
Butter Building No Yes No No No No No Yes No
Castle Lololo No Yes No No No No No No No
Coo's Forest No No Yes No No Yes No No No
Dedede Arena No No Yes No No No Yes Yes No
Dried-up Sea No No Yes Yes No Yes No No No
Springy Hand Land No No Yes No No No No Yes No
Waddle Dee Train Tracks No No Yes No No No Yes No No
Dyna Blade's Nest No No No Yes No Yes No No No
Haldera Volcano No No No Yes No No Yes No No
Gourmet Go Go No No No No Yes No No No No
Factory Tour No No No No No Yes No No No
Jambastion Entrance No No No No No Yes No Yes No
The Empyrean No No No No No Yes Yes No No
Gigavolt No No No No No No Yes Yes No
Decisive Battlefield No No No No No No No No Yes
Stage appearances are based on observations.

The following stages are not used in Single-Handed Mode:

Fighters points[edit]

Completing Single-Handed Mode rewards the player with Fighters points depending on the clear conditions, as outlined below:

Fighters Points rewards in Single-Handed Mode  
Difficulty Points per battle won Points for clearing Points for first-time clear Clear-Time Conversion minimum score Clear-Time Conversion maximum score
Easy 100 400 600 50 1200 (under 2 minutes)
Normal 200 800 1500 150 2000 (under 2 minutes)
Hard 300 1500 3000 300 3000 (under 2 minutes)
Very Hard 400 3000 5000 600 4500 (under 3 minutes)

The player will earn the maximum Clear-Time Conversion score if the game is completed before the time specified in the table above. After that point, the score will start decreasing in increments of ten seconds until the total clear time is 15 minutes, at which point only the minimum score will be awarded for any time past that. For a table listing every possible Clear-Time Conversion score in the game, head to this article.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ひとりでモード
Hitori de mōdo
One-person mode
Traditional Chinese 單人模式
Dān rén móshì
Single-player mode
Simplified Chinese 单人模式
Dān rén móshì
Dutch Gladiator -
French Mode solitaire Solitary mode
German Partnerlos Without Partner/Partnerless
Italian Un giocatore One player
Korean 솔로 모드
sollo modeu
Solo Mode
Spanish Modo en solitario Solitary mode