Jambastion Entrance

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Jambastion Entrance
KF2 Stage Jambastion.png
The stage select image for Jambastion Entrance in Kirby Fighters 2
Game(s) Kirby Fighters 2
Boss(es) The Three Mage-Sisters
Based on Gatehouse Road
Theme Music

"Forgotizanne Flash of Lightning" (Kirby Star Allies)

Default music for Jambastion Entrance.

Alternate Music

"Forgotizanne Flash of Lightning" (Kirby Fighters 2 remix)

Alternate music for Jambastion Entrance.

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Fortress of Shadows Jambastion Entrance is a Battle Stage in Kirby Fighters 2. It is based on Gatehouse Road from Kirby Star Allies, and features The Three Mage-Sisters, who regularly intervene to harass the fighters.


Jambastion Entrance is a large stage with four Thin Floors interspersed, forming a V-shape pointing toward the center of the stage. At regular intervals, one of The Three Mage-Sisters will enter the fray and deliver one of two different attacks to the fighters. The three sisters always take turns, though the order they go in is random each time. They also always alternate between their two attacks as follows:

  • Making contact with any of the Mage Sisters inflicts 18 damage.
  • Francisca
    • Performs Cisca Slash, Cisca Uppercut, and then Cisca Dash. Each swing deals 4 damage.
    • Performs Frozen Gelato, dealing 7 damage on hit. Fighters do not get stuck in it like they do in Kirby Star Allies.
  • Flamberge
    • Performs Berge Finish to throw several fireballs outward, which each do 7 damage.
    • Performs Mega Broiler. Deals 31 damage if all hits connect to grounded fighters.
  • Zan Partizanne
    • Performs Lightning Lemonade. The lightning bolts deal 10 damage.
    • Performs Drum N Waste. The electric blasts deal 10 damage on impact, and can deal another 10 to fighters caught in the middle of the blast.

Unlike many other boss characters on stages, The Three Mage-Sisters cannot be attacked.

The aesthetic of the stage is taken from Gatehouse Road, from Kirby Star Allies. The stage looks practically identical in its visual style to its equivalent in its source game.

It is possible to toggle on or off the hazards for this stage in regular battles. When hazards are off, The Three Mage-Sisters will not intervene to attack the fighters.

Unlock requirements[edit]

In Kirby Fighters 2, Jambastion Entrance is unlocked upon attaining Fighters Rank level 49. The secret song for the stage is unlocked at a Fighters Rank of 60.


Kirby traversing the road to the Jambastion in Kirby Star Allies.
Main article: Gatehouse Road

Jambastion Entrance takes its visual setting from Gatehouse Road in Kirby Star Allies, and takes its main musical theme from Zan Partizanne's boss fight in that game. In Kirby Star Allies, Kirby and his friends have to traverse the devastated land around the Jambastion before finally making their way into the fortress. Unlike in the battle stage, The Three Mage-Sisters are never encountered outside the fortress.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 暗黒ようさいジャマハルダ前
Ankoku Yōsai Jamaharuda Mae
Front of the Dark Fortress Jamahalda
German Störbastion: Eingang Störbastion: Entrance
"Stör-" replaces "Jam-" in the German version.