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List of Kirby Fighters 2 loading screen tips

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A loading screen tip for playing as King Dedede.

This is a list of the various loading screen tips that might show up in Kirby Fighters 2.


General tips  
Feed Me Pick up some food and feed it to a teammate to restore some stamina!
Thin Floor You can move down to fall through the thin floors in all the stages!
Gobble/Grab Go close to someone and press Y to capture them! It even works while they're guarding!
Spit/Throw Press Y after the Gobble/Grab to Spit or Throw your target sideways!
Gobble/Grab vs. Guard Gobble/Grab works on an enemy even while it's guarding!
Escape If you get captured by a Gobble or Grab, escape by moving Control Stick around in all directions!
Buddy Juggle Do some extra damage by attacking an enemy sent flying by a Spit or Throw!
Guarding Press L/R to Guard and decrease the damage you take!
Dodging Move the Control Stick while guarding to swiftly Dodge an attack.
Watch the Guard Gauge When you hold L/R to Guard, the Guard Gauge will go down. If it reaches zero, you'll be stunned!
Recovering Guard Gauge The gauge goes down when using Guard with L/R, but it recovers automatically after a while!
Revival If you run out of health, you'll turn into a ghost, but don't worry. You can revive by hitting an enemy!
Ghost Appearance The time it takes to become a ghost gets longer every time you repeat becoming a ghost!
Special-Move List Press -/+ to pause and see how to perform special moves!
Stock Up on Fighters Points! You get Fighters Points by battling! Score even more in Online Mode and Local Play Mode!
Raise Your Fighters Rank Earn Fighters Points and your Fighters Rank will go up! The higher your Fighters Rank, the more characters you can use!
Unlocking Stages As your Fighters Rank goes up, more Battle Stages are unlocked!
Getting Rare Hats As you increase your Fighters Rank, you'll get rare hats for Kirby!
Try Out Rare Hats! If you have a rare hat for Kirby, you can change hats by pressing X when selecting a character!
Bonus Rare Hat If you've played Kirby Star Allies before, you get a special rare hat!
Bonus Rare Hat If you've played Super Kirby Clash before, you get a special rare hat!
Secret Songs Playback In stages where you have the secret song, you can select the stage while pressing X to play that song while you fight!

Copy Abilities/Buddies[edit]

Copy ability/buddy tips  
Sword Tip #1 Hold up to activate Sky Energy Sword! It allows you to attack from a little further away.
Sword Tip #2 A Drill Stab followed by an Upward Slash is the basic combo for Sword.
Sword Tip #3 During a Spin Slash, you can move left/right to move and attack!
Bomb Tip #1 If you leave Bomb Prep alone, it'll explode on its own and may damage you too!
Bomb Tip #2 Activate Bomb Bowl as you Dash and Jump. That's how you get maximum distance on the bomb!
Bomb Tip #3 When you lay down a second Bomb Set, the first one will explode immediately! Use this strategy wisely for great effect!
Staff Tip #1 The Staff's main advantage is its long reach. Use it to fight your enemy from a distance!
Staff Tip #2 Press and hold B for a Super Long Jab, then move left/right to change directions!
Staff Tip #3 Watch the enemy's attacks and find the right opening to strike back with a Staff Counter!
Wrestler Tip #1 Use Launcher Lariat to launch an enemy, then Flying Grab to catch it in midair!
Wrestler Tip #2 Lift can be used even through an enemy's guard!
Wrestler Tip #3 Press A at the moment you land from an Air Suplex to unleash a Rolling Breaker combo attack!
Yo-Yo Tip #1 During the Break Spin move, mash B to make it bounce!
Yo-Yo Tip #2 Use Hammer Drop to grab an enemy, then use it again to strike multiple enemies at once!
Yo-Yo Tip #3 Down up + B activates Gazer Spiral, which lets you hit enemies not just above you but on both sides as well!
Beam Tip #1 A Beam Blast fires downward diagonally. You can shoot it in midair as many times as you like!
Beam Tip #2 Press and hold B for a Wave Beam! It reaches distant enemies and does a lot of damage!
Beam Tip #3 Press B for a Beam Whip, which attacks upward in a wide area! Strike at your enemies through the thin floor!
Beetle Tip #1 Press B while dashing for a Rocket Horn. It lets you Grab enemies through their Guard!
Beetle Tip #2 Press and hold A in midair to use your wings to fly around! Buzz buzz!
Beetle Tip #3 Up + B brings out the Spiral Horn. Use it to launch an enemy and go for multiple attacks!
Hammer Tip #1 Use up + B for a Hammer Flip. Charge it to the max for an extremely powerful attack!
Hammer Tip #2 A Hammer Swing can strike multiple enemies in one hit!
Hammer Tip #3 The Hammer Twirl works in midair too! Use it on an enemy from above!
Fighter Tip #1 The number of skills this ability has makes it very versatile! Press -/+ to open the Pause menu for all the details!
Fighter Tip #2 Try a combo attack, starting with a Leg Sweep and followed by a Spin Kick or Rising Break!
Fighter Tip #3 Master the Instant Mega Force Blast and you can quickly cover ground sideways!
Artist Tip #1 After completing a picture with the Painter skill, use up/down to change direction!
Artist Tip #2 After completing a Sculpture, use left/right to slowly move it!
Artist Tip #3 Use the painting created with Painter as a shield so you can attack with Dash + B!
Cutter Tip #1 While a Cutter Boomerang is in the air, move up/down to change its direction!
Cutter Tip #2 If you jump over a returning Cutter, it will turn into an attack that stays in the air!
Cutter Tip #3 Press and hold B for a Hyper Boomerang! This attack pierces through everything!
Whip Tip #1 Whip Grab is very powerful! Use its long reach to snag everything you can!
Whip Tip #2 Whip Grab can snag items from a distance!
Whip Tip #3 Move up during a Whip Grab and you can snag an enemy above you!
Archer Tip #1 Archer's Shot has different effects depending on how long you press and hold B! Go for multiple shots or a single piercing shot!
Archer Tip #2 Use down for Camouflage, then press B for Hitman to make your arrows travel faster!
Archer Tip #3 After Leaping Quiver, move left/right to change directions and shoot multiple arrows in midair!
Water Tip #1 The Water move Fountain Hover hits enemies below you. The longer you use it, the lower it goes!
Water Tip #2 After cornering your opponent with Wave Surf, hit them with a Geyser for a brutal combo!
Water Tip #3 Unleash a Geyser with up + B, then repeatedly press B to make it spout even higher!
Parasol Tip #1 Parasol works best near a wall! Parasol Drill and Parasol Twirl will be your best moves here!
Parasol Tip #2 Get high up in the air and attack from above with a Parasol Dive!
Parasol Tip #3 You can activate a Parasol Drill while dashing and jumping!
Ninja Tip #1 Right before an enemy hit lands, use down + L/R for Clone Technique! You'll dodge the attack and strike with your own counterattack!
Ninja Tip #2 The Air Drop move is useful for attacking enemies in midair!
Ninja Tip #3 Used wisely, the Blossom Storm can dodge enemy attacks!
Bell Tip #1 If you use the Bell's Bell Block to Guard, you'll automatically unleash a counterattack!
Bell Tip #2 Hold up, then use down + B to unleash a Quick Finale, which hits left and right at the same time!
Bell Tip #3 Repeatedly pressing B allows you to perform Ring-ding-dong endlessly! Try to use it on a cornered enemy!
Bandana Waddle Dee Tip #1 Down + B initiates a Ground Thrust! You can also Jump with A while dashing!
Bandana Waddle Dee Tip #2 If you land a hit with a Waddle Spear Throw, you can immediately follow it up with a Spear Thrust!
Bandana Waddle Dee Tip #3 After a Ground Thrust (Down + B), keep holding B to follow it up with a Waddle Copter!
Gooey Tip #1 The moment you perform a Dark Laser Flare, tilt down to change the angle of the laser!
Gooey Tip #2 You can adjust the direction of a Dark Laser shot in midair with up/down!
Gooey Tip #3 While dashing from a Burning Gooey, press A to explode!
Magolor Tip #1 After throwing Gem Apple Bombs, you can leave them where they land for a more powerful explosion!
Magolor Tip #2 You can use up/down to bend the path of a Magic Sphere!
Magolor Tip #3 Deadly Needles can also be activated with up + mashing B. up + holding B will increase the number of needles!
Meta Knight Tip #1 After cornering your opponent with Piercing Slash, you can use Shuttle Loop as a follow-up!
Meta Knight Tip #2 While doing a Shuttle Loop, tilt Control Stick backward to fly even higher!
Meta Knight Tip #3 Watch the timing of your enemy's attack and use down + B at the right moment for a Galactic Counter!
King Dedede Tip #1 Use down up + B to do a Super Dedede Jump! You can do this up to 3 times in a row!
King Dedede Tip #2 While doing a Giant Dedede Swing, link it to a Dedede Hammer Throw with up + B!
King Dedede Tip #3 When doing a Super Dedede Jump, you can adjust where you land with left/right!


Item tips  
Action Star This mysterious star will do something unexpected after being activated by an attack!
Bomber Throw it at an enemy for an instant kaboom! Or Throw[sic] it on the ground and walk away for a delayed bang!
Cheer Pom-Poms Pick these up and start dancing! If you finish the dance, your attack power and speed will increase!
Crackler Hold it in your hand to shoot cannonballs from the Crackler for a little while!
Dash Shoes These increase your speed for a little while!
Get Food When you see food appear in the stage, get it and heal before it's too late!
Gordo Ball When thrown, it expands into a spiky Gordo! Ouch!
Healing Meals To avoid losing all your health, eat food to heal as you fight!
Ice Container If you attack it enough to destroy it, you'll get the powerful item hidden inside.
Invincible Candy Eat this to become invincible and take no damage!
Mike This loud microphone deals huge damage to all nearby enemies!
Mint Leaf This lets you attack with Air Bullets for a little while.
Use the Buddy Star Blaster! Combine these two parts to form the Buddy Star Blaster!
Timed Dynamite After a while, the meter in the middle fills up and causes a huge explosion!
Zap Weapon Charge electricity by attacking! Once fully charged, an electric shock will strike the enemy!

Battle Mode[edit]

Battle Mode tips  
Battle Mode Up to four players can play together using one Nintendo Switch system! Set some rules and get right to it!
Solo It's you against the world! Survive to the very end!
Team Teamwork is key! Find and use items designed specially for team battles!
Rule Settings You can change the battle rules on the screen where you choose between Team and Solo!
Handicap Settings Setting Handicap to Auto in Rule Settings will automatically adjust the handicap based on your results!
Revival Boost In Rule Settings, enable Revival Boost to power up every time you revive!
No Hazards If you set Hazards to Off in Rule Settings, the stage hazards will stop moving!
Serious Battles If you want to get serious, try setting Items to None and Hazards to Off in Rule Settings!

Online Mode and Local Play Mode[edit]

Online and Local Play tips  
Random Stage Battles in Random Match take place on randomly selected stages.
Matching in Team Battle In a Random Match online, you'll always team up with someone for a 2 vs 2 team battle!
Team-Play Bonus In Online Mode and Local Play Mode, you'll earn more Fighters Points than usual!
When Time Runs Out In a Random Match, the game ends when time runs out. The team with the higher combined health wins!
Be Strong but Kind The four players in a Random Match are all real people who live somewhere. Be considerate, and fight fair and square!
A Streak to Be Proud Of If you keep winning without any defeats, your win-streak record will be displayed!

Story Mode: The Destined Rivals[edit]

Story Mode tips  
You and Your Buddy Work together with your buddy to climb the tower! Teamwork is the path to the top!
Master the Items Go ahead and use any items that appear during a battle! Some items do huge damage to enemies on impact!
Don't Give Up! Even if you turn into a ghost, the battle isn't over if your buddy is still standing.
Beat the Clock Use an Attack Stone to do more damage or an Extension Sticker to increase the remaining time!
Watch Out for Hazards Stage hazards do a ton of damage on contact. Use an Anti-Hazard Charm to soften the blow!
Speedy Stage Both you and your enemies will move twice as fast! Don't be hasty, and pay attention as you fight!
Hustle Stage Hurry to defeat your enemies! An Extension Sticker will give you a little more time.
Ice Container Stage Nothing but Ice Containers here! Break them quickly and get the powerful items inside!
Deadly Hazard Stage Here, hazards will do double damage! Watch your step and steer clear!
Brutal-Foe Stage The enemies here all have high attack power! Press L/R to Guard yourself as you fight!
Gordo Ball Stage Nothing but Gordo Balls here! The Anti-Gordo Charm will be very useful in this battle!
Speedy-Mech Stage Mechanized hazards on this stage move at double speed! Don't let them hit you!
Explosive Stage Nothing but explosives here! Bring an Anti-Explosion Charm to help protect yourself.
Crackler Stage Nothing but Cracklers here! Grab one quickly and blast your enemies with cannonballs!
Action Star Stage Nothing but Action Stars here! Anything can happen with this item, but good things seem more likely when you use one yourself!
Score and Fighters Points When you clear a chapter in Story Mode, your total score will turn into Fighters Points!
Auto-Heal After Battle In Story Mode, you heal a little bit each time you win a battle.
Item Room Power-Ups You can take only one of the items to power up you and your buddy!
Choose Wisely Whatever item you choose in the Item Room will last all the way to the Summit!
Rare Items Rare items sometimes appear in the Item Room! Count your lucky stars if you find one!
Quick-Charge Stone Enables you to quickly use attacks that require pressing and holding a button! Recommended for anyone who uses lots of charge attacks!
Ghost Stone This reduces the time it takes to become a ghost. It also increases your speed as a ghost and health once you're revived!
Auto-Heal Sticker This helps you auto-heal for a little bit more after winning a battle! Highly recommended for a long climb up a tall tower!
Score-Bonus Sticker This increases the points earned whenever you win a battle! It's an especially lucky find if you get one early!
Quick-Cheer Sticker This will shorten dance time and power you up after dancing!
Cursed Anti-Ghost Ring This prevents enemies from reviving. It's a good way to help get a high score!
Cursed Attack Ring If you're confident in your ability to Guard and Dodge, take this to greatly increase your attack power!
Cursed Auto-Heal Ring Take this along with an Auto-Heal Sticker for a bigger effect!
Charms Charms come in several varieties. All of them will greatly reduce the damage from a certain source!
Reduce Item Damage Bombers and Mikes do a ton of damage on contact! Better get yourself a protective charm!
Story Mode for 2 Players Two players can go through Story Mode together. Double the action and double the fun! It'll be twice as easy too...won't it?
Feed Me Take some food and feed it to your buddy! Both of you will be healed!
Rise Up from Defeat If you lose, you can try again and again! You can even quit where you are and continue from a Bookmark Save!
Indomitable Heart If you keep fighting, enemies will get tired eventually. Wait for your chance and don't give up!
Reviving While you're a ghost, if you can hit an enemy, you'll revive! Having a Ghost Stone makes it easier.
Auto-Guard This rare item will sometimes automatically guard you even when you don't block!
Boss Badge These boost your attack power against all bosses in the tower. The more you pick up, the better the effect gets!
Item Selection Plus This super-rare item adds an extra item slot in the Item Room!
Buddy Skill Up Improves your buddy's skill all around! A must-have item if your buddy is CPU controlled!
Score Statues These are a surefire way to get Fighters Points or reach a high score!
Story Items Increase your Fighters Rank, and you'll unlock more powerful Story Items!
Start from Bookmark Save In Story Mode, you can continue a game you left off from your Bookmark Save.
Number of Players Even in the middle of climbing the tower, you can change the number of players and pick up from a Bookmark Save!
Always a Challenge The higher you climb, the tougher enemies get. Choose well in the Item Room for the power-ups you need!
Dropped Stars If a boss drops a star, Gobble/Grab it and Throw it back at them!

Single-Handed Mode[edit]

Single-Handed Mode tips  
Single-Handed Mode Compete for time in a series of battles! Your health is reset after each battle!
Ticking Clock You can try again and again if you lose, but the clock won't stop! Shoot for a quick victory!
Go for Platinum Each character and difficulty's clear times are tracked separately. Try for a platinum medal with every character!
Don't Get Overwhelmed When you're fighting a group, be careful not to get stuck between enemies! Try Spitting or Throwing one enemy into another!
Get Food When you see food appear in the stage, get it and heal before it's too late!

Training Mode[edit]

Training Mode tips  
Training Mode Practice with new Copy Abilities and buddies in Training Mode!
Training Partner Opponents in Training Mode don't make any moves. After defeating them, press L + R to reset!
Reset the Training In Training Mode, you can reset your position and that of your enemies by pressing L + R.


Boss tips  
Arriving at the Summit You're ready to face King Dedede and Meta Knight! But what you sense here instead are two very large creatures...
Defeating Twin Woods Pay attention to both trees, and strike at the one that's more open to attacks!
Defeating Twin Woods You can attack the small apples Twin Woods drops to smash them!
Kirby's Shadow This naughty shadow can appear anywhere, anytime. After a long absence, it has shown up again to join the battle tournament!
Defeating Shadow Kirby Don't just use normal attacks. Throw in some Gobble/Grab moves and Dodges too!
Dual Swords Attack Here comes Duo Edge! This pair of black-steel giants stands before you as a tag team!
Defeating Duo Edge Duo Edge's shield guard is invincible! Strike at the one whose guard is down!
Defeating Duo Edge Duo Edge's jump attacks do a lot of damage, but they give you the perfect chance to counterattack while the sword is stuck in the ground!
Dueling the King and Knight Team Kirby found King Dedede and Meta Knight! But there's something off about these two...
Twin Woods Encore Halfway up the tower, two giant trees blocked your path again!
The True King and Knight Reaching the Summit at last, you find the King and Knight. You know deep down they must be the real ones this time!
Look for Openings King Dedede and Meta Knight's combo attacks are very powerful, but they also leave them wide open for counterattacks!
Safe Spot You can avoid King Dedede and Meta Knight's powerful combo attacks by finding a spot where the attacks don't reach!
Rematch Against Armors Duo Edge returns, sturdier than ever! The green and red armors ready their swords with revenge on their minds!
Shadow Kirby Appears A naughty shadow has appeared. You suspect it was born from the mirror version of Kirby's innocent soul!
The Destined Rivals Which pair has the stronger bond? The final battle between old rivals begins now!
Still Growing Twin Woods appears a third time! Their strength and skill haven't stopped growing yet!
Raging Dual Blades Duo Edge isn't finished with you yet! Can you dodge those honed swords?
Another Shadow Encounter Once again, you cross paths with the one who lurks in Kirby's shade! Send that naughty shadow packing!
Tree Twins' Max Power Having grown quite a bit, Twin Woods has enormous power now! Watch out for those synchronized attacks!
Thick Armor, Sharp Swords These blades have mastered the art of swordsmanship through constant battling. They're putting it all on the line to challenge you!
Max Power Shadow Kirby A third encounter with Kirby's shadow?! Its power is off the charts, but you can still win with your buddy's help!
Close to the Heavens On the Summit of the heaven-piercing tower, bond is tested against bond. The true final battle begins!

Demo Version[edit]

Tips exclusive to the demo version  
Demo Version In the Demo Version, you can't create a group for Local Play Mode or Friend Match, but you can join teams created in the full game!
Full Version In the Full Version, you can play all the characters and modes!
Full Version In the Full Version, battling will increase your Fighters Rank. Gain more ranks to unlock new characters and stages!