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Gigavolt (Battle Stage)

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KF2 Stage Gigavolt.png
The stage select image for Gigavolt in Kirby Fighters 2
Game(s) Kirby Fighters 2
Hazard(s) Gigavolt
Based on Gigavolt
Theme Music

Default music for Gigavolt.

Alternate Music

"Pink Ball Activate!" (Kirby Fighters 2 remix)

Alternate music for Gigavolt.

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This article is about the Battle Stage. For the boss character, see Gigavolt.

Gigavolt is a Battle Stage that appears in Kirby Fighters 2. It is based on the battle with Gigavolt in Kirby: Planet Robobot, and features the titular giant robot as a stage hazard.


Gigavolt is a completely flat stage with no other platforms. It is among the largest stages in the game, both laterally and vertically. The main feature of the stage is the giant robot Gigavolt which appears in the background and regularly slams its hands into the stage, attempting to target certain fighters. Getting smashed by Gigavolt's hand inflicts 50 damage and leaves the fighter flattened for a few seconds after the hand is lifted. Unlike in Kirby: Planet Robobot, Gigavolt cannot be attacked, as its "hands" it attacks with are now green instead of red - and cannot be destroyed. It also lacks a screw on its head, but whether the screws on its hands are still in this one's design is unknown, since they can never be unearthed from the hands.

The aesthetic of the stage is directly lifted from the first battle with Gigavolt in Kirby: Planet Robobot, but all of the textures and models have been given greater fidelity.

It is possible to toggle on or off the hazards for this stage in regular battles. When hazards are off, Gigavolt does not appear.

Unlock requirements[edit]

In Kirby Fighters 2, Gigavolt is unlocked upon attaining Fighters Rank level 40. The secret song for the stage is unlocked at a Fighters Rank of 97.


Screenshot of the Gigavolt battle in Kirby: Planet Robobot.
Main article: Gigavolt

Gigavolt takes its setting and music directly from the battle with its titular giant robot in Patched Plains - Stage 3 from Kirby: Planet Robobot. The fight with Gigavolt involves waiting for it to slam one of its hands down and then using the Robobot Armor's screwdriver hand to unscrew the hand and destroy it. Once both arms are destroyed, Kirby then finishes Gigavolt off by unscrewing the bolt on its head.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 鉄巨兵てつきょへいギガヴォルト
Tetsu Kyohei Gigavoruto
Iron Giant Soldier Gigavolt
Traditional Chinese 鐵巨兵鉅甲螺絲
tiě jù bīng jù jiǎ luó sī
Iron Giant Soldier Giant Nail Screw
Simplified Chinese 铁巨兵巨甲螺丝
tiě jù bīng jù jiǎ luó sī
Dutch Gigavolt -
French Gigavolt -
German Gigavolt -
Italian Gigavolt -
Korean 철거병 기가볼트
Cheolgeobyeong Gigabolteu
Iron Giant Soldier Gigavolt
Spanish Gigavolt -