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Team Attack

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Team Attack is a special attack that can be performed when human-controlled characters piggyback on one another. It debuted in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and appeared again in Kirby Star Allies.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land[edit]

If all players Piggyback on one another, hold A, and then release at the same time, they will perform a powerful Team Attack.
— Kirby's Return to Dream Land manual

To perform a Team Attack in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, human players should piggyback on one another, hold the A button (guard), and then release at the same time. Then, the player at the bottom will launch a powerful attack, the effect and the power of which depend on the user and the number of participants.

Team Attacks in Kirby's Return to Dream Land
User Image Skill Description Base Power 2-Player
Damage ×0.8
Damage ×0.75
Damage ×0.7
Kirby KRtDL Kirby Team Attack - Level 2.png せーのでくうきだん
Ready~Air Bullet
Kirby launches a giant Air Bullet forward that can pass through enemies. 2 participants: 48 38 36 33
3 participants: 64 No 48 44
4 participants: 86 No No 60
Meta Knight KRtDL Meta Knight Team Attack - Level 2.png せーのでソードビーム
Ready~Sword Beam
Meta Knight launches a giant sword beam forward that can pass through enemies. 2 participants: 52 41 39 36
3 participants: 72 No 54 50
4 participants: 98 No No 68
King Dedede KRtDL Dedede Team Attack - Level 2.png せーのでデデデボンバー
Ready~Dedede Bomber
King Dedede slams his hammer to launch several stars around him in close range. 2 participants: 50 40 37 35
3 participants: 66 No 49 46
4 participants: 88 No No 61
Bandana Waddle Dee KRtDL Bandana Waddle Dee Team Attack - Level 2.png せーのでトリプルショット
Ready~Triple Shot
Bandana Waddle Dee performs Multispear Thrust and launches 3-way energy shots forward. 2 participants: 42 33 31 29
3 participants: 56 No 42 39
4 participants: 76 No No 53
  • A Star Bullet does 52 damage.
  • The damage counter of Metal General doesn't show the damage of Team Attack correctly.
  • Team Attack's names are taken from the Japanese guide book.

Levels of Attacks[edit]

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

Marx fires the Team Attack laser with Kirby Piggybacking on him.

To perform a Team Attack in Kirby Star Allies, human players should piggyback on one another, hold the L/R/ZL/ZR button (guard), and then release at the same time. Then, the player at the bottom will launch a powerful multihit laser beam that can pass through enemies and obstacles. It's impossible to perform a Team Attack with CPUs.

Team Attack's power increases when there are more participants, but is not affected by who the user is. Some users have unique firing poses:

  • When Marx performs the Team Attack, he will fire the laser with the same strange expression of his boss appearance from Kirby Super Star (Ultra), and the beam's sound effect is also unique.
  • When Magolor performs the Team Attack, he will cast a magic circle to fire the laser.
  • When any of The Three Mage-Sisters performs the Team Attack, they will fire the laser in a prayer pose.

The Star Allies Sparkler can also perform a Team Attack called Team Star Allies!. During the Marx battle in Heroes in Another Dimension's Happy Ending credits, he fires his laser with the same assets of the Team Attack in Star Allies.

Other team-based attacks[edit]

  • In Kirby Fighters Deluxe, there is an item called Team Cannon. If 2 to 3 Kirbys on the same team mount the cannon together, they will be able to fire a powerful laser beam in a similar fashion to Team Attack.
  • In the Team Kirby Clash games, if each member of Team Kirby collects a Power Tablet from the boss after it gets furious, they will perform the Team Meteor attack.
  • Kirby Fighters 2 has an item called the Buddy Star Blaster. If two players on the same team combine both halves of the Star Blaster and hit at least one opponent with it, a powerful laser beam is fired on the opposing players much the same way as the Team Cannon or a Team Attack.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese せーのでドン!
Sēnode Don
Traditional Chinese 預備~發射!
yù bèi~fā shè
Simplified Chinese 预备~发射!
yù bèi~fā shè
Dutch Teamaanval Team Attack
French Attaque en équipe Team Attack
German Team-Angriff Team Attack
Italian Attacco di squadra Team Attack
Portuguese Ataque em equipe Team Attack
Spanish Ataque en equipo Team Attack