Shooter Cutter

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Still needs Drawcia Soul at a minimum
Marx using Shooter Cutter in Kirby Super Star; this is the first use of this attack in the Kirby series, but by no means the last.

Shooter Cutter[Japanese title] is a recurring attack that is used by several characters and/or bosses in the Kirby series. It is often used by Marx and Soul-form bosses and is infamous for being notoriously difficult to react to.

Appearance and function[edit]

When used, Shooter Cutter throws out Cutter-like blades in the four intercardinal directions, flying straight out diagonally, and then looping around and returning to the entity which threw them. These blades often come out very quickly and with little forewarning, covering a moderate area around the user. It is also often the case that this move is used two or more times in succession.

Typically, while the blades are out, they can be inhaled and swallowed for the Cutter ability or spat out to counterattack.

Game Appearances[edit]

The following table outlines in chronological order which games this attack appears in, which entities can use the attack, and any other pertinent notes.

Shooter Cutter Appearances  
Game User Notes
Kirby Super Star Marx This was the first appearance of the move, setting the standard for how it operates.
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Dark Mind When Dark Mind's mirrors are shattered, they may shoot out shooter cutters before vanishing.
Kirby: Canvas Curse Drawcia Soul During this attack, Drawcia opens her core. She spits out rainbow colored cutter blades out. These blades can be blocked.
Kirby Super Star Ultra Marx Functions the same as the original Super Star version.
Marx Soul Used twice in a row.
Kirby Mass Attack Marx (Kirby Brawlball) Fired in random directions.
Kirby: Triple Deluxe Soul of Sectonia Used only during the final phase.
Kirby: Planet Robobot Star Dream Soul OS Used only during the final phase.
Kirby Star Allies Marx (Dream Friend) This marked the first time the player could use this attack, when playing as Marx. It is not available as a base move, but activates when Marx uses Jester Ball Spit-Drop with the Bluster element.
Marx (Heroes in Another Dimension) Functions the same as previous boss appearances.
Void Soul Used three times in a row.
Void Used three times in a row, with the third set shooting rapid-fire cutters.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Marx Used twice in a row when Marx is in low health.
Kirby and the Forgotten Land Chaos Elfilis Fires 6 cutters in a horizontal plane. Used only during the final phase.


  • In Kirby Star Allies, just like the Cutter ability itself, Dream Friend Marx can cut certain objects like Ropes and tall grass when using Shooter Cutter as part of the "Jester Ball Spit-Drop" move with the Bluster element.
  • Magolor Soul is the only Soul boss who does not use the move.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シューターカッター
shūtā kattā
Shooter Cutter