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Green Gardens (Battle Stage)

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Green Gardens
KF2 Stage Green Gardens.png
Stage select image for the Green Gardens Battle Stage.
Game(s) Kirby Fighters 2
Based on Green Gardens
Flower Land
Theme Music

Default music for Green Gardens.

Alternate Music

"Green Gardens" (Kirby Fighters 2 remix)

Alternate music for Green Gardens.

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This article is about the Battle Stage in Kirby Fighters 2. For the stage in Kirby Star Allies, see Green Gardens.

Green Gardens is a Battle Stage in Kirby Fighters 2. The stage features a flat base surface with three thin floors floating above in the middle, with no other obstacles or hazards. This area is based on the titular stage, from Kirby Star Allies and resembles Flower Land from the previous Kirby Fighters games in both layout and purpose. It is always the first stage played in Single-Handed Mode and chapter 1 of Story Mode: The Destined Rivals.


Green Gardens is set in a medium-sized area with a long flat base floor. Evenly-spaced along the length of the stage are three thin floors, with the middle of them being twice as high as the other two. The two floors on the sides can be reached with a modest jump, while the one in the middle requires a Hover to be reached from the base floor under normal circumstances.

The aesthetic of the stage is a verdant grassy plain with small trees and donut-shaped hills in the background. It is meant to take place within the grassy plains of Dream Land.

Unlock requirements[edit]

Green Gardens is one of the stages available by default at the start of the game. Its secret song is unlocked upon attaining Fighters Rank 19.


Screenshot of Green Gardens from Kirby Star Allies
Main article: Green Gardens

Green Gardens takes its aesthetic and main theme music from the stage of the same name in Kirby Star Allies. There are very few graphical differences between the original level and the stage.


  • This stage resembles Battlefield from the Super Smash Bros. series, as the stage contains three Thin Floors in the same pattern as Battlefield and a flat floor.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グリーングリーティング
Gurīn Gurītingu
Green Greeting
Traditional Chinese 綠庭旅途
Lǜ tíng lǚtú
Green Garden Journey
Simplified Chinese 绿庭旅途
Lǜ tíng lǚtú
Dutch Vruchtenvelden Fruit fields
European French Verger Vert Green Orchard
German Frühlingsfrische Spring freshness
Italian Giardini Giuggiola Jujube Gardens
Korean 그린 가든
Geurin Gadeun
Green Garden
European Spanish Jardines Jade Jade Gardens