Para Matter

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Para Matter
Para Matter KCC artwork.png
Artwork of a red, opened Para Matter from Kirby: Canvas Curse
First game Kirby: Canvas Curse
Similar entities Sectonian Eye-stalks
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Para Matter is an enemy that appears exclusively in Kirby: Canvas Curse. It is summoned by Drawcia Soul, and will hurt Kirby should it come into contact with him.

Para Matter starts off as an enclosed circular entity, resembling a flower bud. It will then open up to reveal an eyeball inside four 'petals' which fold open. There are three color varieties of Para Matter, each based on the primary color: red, blue, or yellow. They all have a unique method for attacking.

If a Para Matter is struck using the Nintendo DS stylus at the right time, it will rebound and hit into Drawcia Soul, dealing her damage.