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Dreamy Darkness

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Dreamy Darkness
KCC Dreamy Darkness select.png
Opening image for Dreamy Darkness
Host level Neo Greo
Time Trial bonuses 0:50:00
Line Trial bonuses 0300ml
Stage order
Machine Mansion Paletto Polis
Theme Music

Clip of the theme that plays in Dreamy Darkness.

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Dreamy Darkness is the second stage of Neo Greo in Kirby: Canvas Curse. Kirby travels through this area on his quest to defeat Drawcia. Dreamy Darkness is a collection of dark areas with a similar appearance to Ghost Grounds. This stage also joins Rift Ruin by having more than three areas. Dreamy Darkness contains three hidden medals for Medal Swap purchases, and courses in Rainbow Run offer six more medals.

Stage overview[edit]

Area / map Description Medal guide
KCC Dreamy Darkness area 01 map.png
Area 1
Keeping consistency with the name, this stage is completely dark. Only Kirby, enemies, and some objects are visible. The layout of the stage is mostly horizontal, but walls and ledges only open in staggered spots. Most of the openings are near an array of spikes on the wall. When the lanterns are not lighting the area, the spiked patches of wall are likely to be hit, as they are invisible in the darkness. Open pits are another danger lurking in the dark. Waddle Dees, Bouncies, Shotzos, and Tick can be found in this area. Several Point Stars can be acquired from the middle chambers and just before the exit door.

This area appears as the Time Trial mode of Rainbow Run.

This medal is hidden in an alcove underneath the middle portion of the stage. To get in, Kirby needs the Needle ability, which can be obtained from a Tick further up the road.
KCC Dreamy Darkness area 02 map.png
Area 2
The second area is one of the smallest. Kirby begins at the lowest section. The room is divided into several floors with different enemies on each level. To reach the door, Kirby merely needs to ascend through each floor. The floors are "one-way" as backtracking to lower levels is not possible.

This area appears as the Line Trial challenge of Rainbow Run.

This medal can be obtained after climbing to the top of a wide area with sparse platforms. It can only be accessed using the Needle ability, which will need to have been obtained from the previous area.
KCC Dreamy Darkness area 03 map.png
Area 3
This treacherous area, though small drops Kirby through nests of Gordos, spiked surfaces, and contact activated fans. Point Stars are abundant, but can be hazardous to attempt obtaining. N/A
KCC Dreamy Darkness area 04 map.png
Area 4
Another very small and dangerous area. The walls and floors are lined with electrical blocks and the space between them is very narrow. Even the Waddle Dee in the area is damaged by the blocks. This area is also dark until activating one of the lanterns. This medal is located just to the left of the starting position, though it is buried in a Bomb Block barrier at first, which is not apparent until the lantern is lit.
KCC Dreamy Darkness area 05 map.png
Area 5
This small area again places Kirby near the top, requiring him to descend to the exit door. The area has plenty of point stars, but is also full of Gordos and clear blocks. An Energy Drink can be found just before the exit door. N/A
KCC Dreamy Darkness area 06 map.png
Area 6
The final area is at first a dark hallway, but the central room locks Kirby in and lights up. Kirby is challenged to destroy several parachuting bombs, in order to progress to the next chamber and exit door. N/A

Enemies and Copy Abilities[edit]

Sprite Name Copy Ability Sprite Name Copy Ability
KCC Bouncy sprite.png Bouncy None KCC Shotzo sprite.png Shotzo N/A
KCC Cappy sprite.png Cappy None KCC Tick sprite.png Tick Needle
KCC Gordo sprite.png Gordo N/A KCC Waddle Dee sprite.png Waddle Dee None
KCC Kabu sprite.png Kabu None


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドリーミーダークネス
dorīmī dākunesu
Dreamy Darkness
European French Nuit Noire Dark Night
German Fiese Finsternis Mean Darkness
Italian Brivido Buio Dark Shiver
European Spanish Túnel Tenebroso Sinister Tunnel