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Tiny Town

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Tiny Town
KCC Tiny Town select.png
Starting screen for Tiny Town
Host level Reddy Land
Time Trial bonuses 0:35:00
Line Trial bonuses 0150ml
Stage order
Plant Plain Ravine Road
Theme Music

Clip of the theme that plays in Tiny Town

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Tiny Town is the second stage of Reddy Land in Kirby: Canvas Curse. All three areas of the stage display a surreal pastel colored design. The layouts between all rooms of each area are interconnected via clear tubes. It is possible to play through Tiny Town first, as the stages of Reddy Land can be done in any order; however the stage appears as a selectable icon between Plant Plain and Ravine Road. Following the difficulty curve of Plant Plain, these areas remain simple to traverse; although more use of hazards, contact-activated objects, and ink are employed.

Stage overview[edit]

Area / map Description Medal guide
KCC Tiny Town area 01 map.png
Area 1
The first area of Tiny Town is mostly a direct path from room to room. This area appears in the Line Trial mode of Rainbow Run after Reddy Land is unlocked. Enemies found in this area include Waddle Dees, Bouncies, and Bronto Burts; none of which offer a copy ability. This area introduces the contact activated checkpoint marker after the third room. The final room is the only room of the area in which ink must be used to reach the goal. The medal in this area is located in the furthest right room. It can be reached by moving down from the platforms into the lowest pit, next to some springs.
KCC Tiny Town area 02 map.png
Area 2
Area 2 hosts Kirby: Canvas Curse's first use of spikes as a terrain hazard. The first set of spikes appear on the ceiling, but misuse of a rainbow line in the rooms with cannons can smash Kirby directly into them. The cannon puzzle works similarly to a tour puzzle, utilizing one-way paths. The Bronto Burts between cannons are harmless to Kirby when he is fired from the cannon. The majority of the cannons will fire automatically after Kirby is in, but the larger rotating cannons only fire when touched by the stylus. As the replacement for Mid Boss battles, a locked room in the stage, has several Spear Waddle Dees. A Super Cannon will appear after these foes are defeated and blast Kirby through the metal blocks.

One room here contains a 1-Up, and a moderate amount of Point Stars can be obtained.

The medal can be found in the uppermost hallway, to the right after dealing with the Spear Waddle Dee ambush. It is nestled behind an Action Block, so Kirby will have needed to hit the Big Switch in Rift Ruin before coming here, or else he cannot get it.
KCC Tiny Town area 03 map.png
Area 3
This area also serves as the Time Trial mode of Rainbow Run. The area is visually similar to the others. The Burning copy ability can be obtained from a resident Bobo. The area is small and offers no alternate paths; however the rooms do criss-cross the map and tunnels employ more turns than the other areas. Each room has point stars that can be collected by drawing rainbow lines following their path. The final room contains a 1-Up on the left side of a Bouncy trio, blocking the exit door. This medal can be found in the fourth room of this area. It is nestled between two beds of spikes, so Kirby will need to be careful to drop in without getting poked or accidentally taking the one-way pipe to the next room.

Enemies and Copy Abilities[edit]

Sprite Name Copy Ability Sprite Name Copy Ability
KCC Bobo sprite.png Bobo Burning KCC Spear Waddle Dee sprite.png Spear Waddle Dee None
KCC Bouncy sprite.png Bouncy None KCC Waddle Dee sprite.png Waddle Dee None
KCC Bronto Burt sprite.png Bronto Burt None KCC Waddle Doo sprite.png Waddle Doo Beam


  • Paletto Polis uses the same style, background, and icon as Tiny Town.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タイニータウン
Tiny Town
French Vieille Ville Old City
German Mini-Metropole Mini-Metropolis
Italian Paese Pastello Pastel Village