Frozen Fantasy

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Frozen Fantasy

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Host level Wonder Lilane
Stage order
Silent Seabed Mad Mechanism
Theme Music

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Frozen Fantasy is an ice themed area visited by Kirby in Canvas Curse, during his quest to break the canvas curse by quelling Drawcia. Frozen Fantasy is the first stage of Wonder Lilane, although the companion stages can be played in any order. The stage shares visual similarities with Cold Course.

Area 1[edit]

The first area appears to be a cavern system with a network of switches that correspond to indestructible overhead ice blocks that prevent further progress. Rather than being destroyed like stone blocks, the ice blocks merely fall below, often creating a staircase. One switch, however, actually creates an ice bridge; thereby blocking access to the bonus medal in the shaft below it. As Kirby entered at the lowest point of the cavern, most of the travel involves ascending long shafts lined with spiked walls, and even a few narrow passageways lined with spikes, and seldom retracting spike blocks. One particular nuisance is the presence of dash pads forcing Kirby in the opposite direction. And as expected, icicles fall from the ceiling

Chillies appear frequently and grant the Freeze Copy Ability, Snoppy also can be found late in the stage granting the same copy ability. Comos are the most populous enemy in the area. The Comos hang from the ceiling and drop down to attack Kirby as he passes below them. Needlous also appears and grants the Needle ability. Large boulders, seemingly made of ice fall loose from the ceiling, but can be broken by a few taps with the stylus.

Point Stars are plentiful in the area. Energy Drinks can also be found in easily missed locations. This area reappears as the Line Trial challenge for Wonder Lilane's Rainbow Run offering. Kirby can obtain additional medals for Medal Swap purchases when completing the challenge with 3000ml, 1300ml, or 0001ml of ink remaining.

Area 2[edit]

Frozen Fantasy's second area is another rare area mostly filled with a static anti-ink field. Kirby is along for the ride, as most travel passively takes place on trolleys along set paths. Kirby can stop and restart them at any time. The other option present is to simply jump off, but the open pit below costs one life. However, a well out of view trolley can be landed on when jumping to follow the arch of Point Stars leading to it. The secret door at the end of that trolley's run offers a race, of sorts. The large black ball will roll slowly forward, and Kirby must navigate a minimaze of bomb blocks and stone blocks. If Kirby reaches the switch to deactive a portion of the floor before the ball rolls past it, the metal blocks below will be destroyed. Further below rests the blue Big Switch, which will eliminate the blue Action Blocks from all areas containing one.

The final section of this area consists of "trolley hopping", in which Kirby is tasked to hop from one moving trolley to another until reaching the exit door. A stepped surface below forces Kirby into a pipe, which then pipes him back to just before the first jump.

Hazards and Enemies[edit]

Numerous Bronto Burts flutter throughout the stage, and are more troublesome than usual as Kirby must remain on the trolley. Well timed stuns (with the stylus) are recommended to passively defeat them as the trolley moves along its path. Gordos are also abundant, avoiding contact with them can only be done by stopping the trolley and timing their movements. Shotzos rest below a particular stretch of a trolley's path, and without ink as a defense, again timing the multi-shot bursts and trolley movements are recommended. Bombs falling with parachutes must be destroyed by tapping them with the stylus.

Area 3[edit]

The final area consists of many diamond shaped cells with various obstacles blocking access from one to the next. Breakable ice walls, green blocks, and purple blocks are most common. The green and purple block sets correspond to switches that alternate which set will appear and which will disappear when pressed. A significant portion of the area is underwater. The underwater cells frequently have strong currents in which Kirby will be pulled along in.

Hazards and enemies in this area include energy beams with rising and falling gaps, Glunk, Chilly, Squishy, Thudd rotating spiked arms, and falling icicles. Point Stars and Energy Drinks can be aquired in several cells. The rarely seen Maxim Tomato can also be found in this area.

This is also the area corresponding to the Time Trial challenge of Rainbow Run. Kirby can obtain additional medals for Medal Swap purchases when completing the challenge in under 1:30:00, 2:30:00, or 3:00:00.