Contrast Cave

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Contrast Cave
KCC Contrast Cave.png
Host level Iello Adventure
Stage order
Rift Ruin Silver Submarine
Theme Music

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Contrast Cave is a cavern system and second level of Iello Adventure in Canvas Curse. It is comparable to Dungeon Dome. Kirby travels through Contrast Cave after being cursed to a ball form by Drawcia. The cave has the appearance of a gem mine, with several underwater chambers to go through.

Each area contains a hidden medal, used to purchase things in the Medal Swap. Contrast Cave also appears in Rainbow Run.

Area 1[edit]

The first area is like a tunnel system. Kirby navigates the tight quarters and faces enemies that attack more aggressively than previously encountered. Shotzos can be found along the floors, and Thudds along the ceiling. Towards the final stretch of this area, some of the Thudds are smaller, and some of the large ones are hidden from view. Only one checkpoint exists in the area. The Bobo, two Comos, and Waddle Dees blocking the door are the only enemies that can be defeated in this area.

A medal lies just below the entrance behind a Star Block. Point Stars lie in the path in several places. An Energy Drink can also be found near the second set of Shotzos. Only the Burning copy ability can be obtained in this area.

Area 2[edit]

Extensive under water traveling is needed to reach the goal door in this area. Early in, a Rocky can be found to acquire the Stone ability. Since Kirby naturally floats in Canvas Curse, the stone ability can be used to travel underwater easier. In a rock form, Kirby will sink; otherwise extensive dashing or drawing Rainbow Lines will be needed to keep him submerged. Squishy appears frequently, as do Blippers and Glunks. A rare Bomber can be found to acquire the Crash ability, which is required to obtain this area's medal.

In a room with pipes leading in but not out, a Maxim Tomato rests on the cavern floor. After obtaining the Maxim Tomato, a large boulder and three Blippers will appear. The boulder can be tapped or avoided, but the Blippers need to be destroyed.Three more boulders will fall from the ceiling and more blippers will appear. Upon defeating them all, another Maxim Tomato and the goal door will appear.

Area 3[edit]

Star Blocks and thousands of them fill this area. Among the enemies found are Rocky, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Sparky, Bobo, Bronto Burt, and Gordo. The Beam, Burning, and Spark ability can be obtained to destroy the blocks faster. After descending through the blocks, an anti-paint field and a maze like area can be reached. Kirby can dash over the first few gaps to drop down the last one, which has a 1-Up and a green Action Block. The lowest section contains the paint door leading to the Jump Game.