Growth Grasses

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Growth Grasses
KCC Growth Grasses.png
Host level Arange Gorge
Stage order
Ghost Grounds Mag Mount
Theme Music

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Growth Grasses is the name of the second stage of Arange Gorge in Canvas Curse. The area is visually similar to Plant Plain. Growth Grasses differs mainly by keeping the field of travel narrow and congested with enemies. This area introduces a field in which Rainbow Lines can not be drawn, the Tornado copy ability, and some clouds that hold Kirby in place.

Area 1[edit]

The first area of Growth Grasses is a narrow horizontal stage. Kirby's travel is limited, thus most enemies can not be avoided. Much of the area is fragmented cliffs hovering in mid-air. Despite the deadly open pits, this area is relatively easy to traverse. Enemies found here are Bronto Burts, Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, and Shotzos.

The medal for the area can be found by entering a hidden doorway below one of the mid-air islands.

Area 2[edit]

In sharp contrast to the first area, the second is a vertically oriented area. Kirby criss-crosses the stage, heading further underground. The staggered lumps of earth provide little room for maneuvering and a constant state of alert is needed to get through alive. Point stars are scarce, but some can be acquired by passing through the rotary gates. A few sets of clouds can be seen between passageways. The clouds need to be destroyed in order to pass, as they will hold Kirby in place. The Bronto Burts in the area are much more aggressive as they pursue Kirby to attack him while he is in the cloud.

The stage ends with a battle of sorts. The Sparky beside the wooden tunnel leading to the battle can yield the Spark copy ability, and the Energy Drink beside it helps too. Inside the tunnel, the entrance will be blocked with metal blocks and several Bomb Balloons will appear. After all of them are defeated, the door to Area 3 will open.

The medal for this area, is readily visible among the tight passageways. Kirby merely needs to tap the bomb block to access it. This area later appears as the Line Trial of Rainbow Run

Area 3[edit]

Immediately upon entering, a strange new barrier is visible. This static-y force field will not allow Rainbow Lines to be drawn. On the other side of it lie more hazardous features. Bubbles are back, but do not appear as steadily as they did in Ghost Grounds. Almost all of the terrain beyond is destructible as it is composed of bomb blocks and star blocks.

The medal can be nabbed by using the tornado copy ability in the barrier that does not allow ink use. A 1-Up can be found on the left side of the goal door, and point stars are rampant throughout the stage. This area serves as the Time Trial of Rainbow Run.