Machine Mansion

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Machine Mansion
KCC Machine Mansion.png
Host level Neo Greo
Stage order
Silver Submarine Dreamy Darkness
Theme Music

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Machine Mansion is the first stage of Neo Greo in Kirby: Canvas Curse. It is the first stage of the Neo Greo area, coming after Silver Submarine and preceding Dreamy Darkness. It is very similar to Mad Mechanism in terms of environment. Kirby travels through this area on his quest to defeat Drawcia. Machine Mansion is a mostly black and white stage. The foreground, background, and icon image contain elements that lend the area an overall industrial appearance. As with all other stages, Machine Mansion contains three hidden medals for Medal Swap purchases, and courses in Rainbow Run offer six more medals.

Mad Mechanism has the same setting.

Area 1[edit]

The first area of Machine Machine involves mostly left-to-right travel. This area has several lasers and Blados, which fit the industrial theme on account of their mechanical appearance. The Time Trial of Rainbow Run uses this area.

The medal can be acquired shortly from the entrance. Kirby enters a tunnel lined with bumper pads, above this area Bomb Blocks can be activated to destroy the bricks containing the medal in a shaft. The medal will land on the jump pad beside Kirby's landing spot.

Area 2[edit]

Much like the final area of Silver Submarine, the layout spirals inwards. Shotzo, Bronto Burts, and Bang-Bangs appear in this area. The area has several canons and a few metal blocks which can only be destroyed by being fired from a canon. Another common feature is the pinball machine bumper pads. Most of the bumper pads yield a Point Star upon contact, and some of them can be entirely destroyed. This area is reused as the Line Trial of Rainbow Run.

The medal rests behind a doorway in the central chamber, past the exit door. The Missile Copy Ability and a contact activated canon are required to be used to reach it. Energy Drinks can be found in a few locations.

Area 3[edit]

Kirby passing a laser in Machine Mansion.

This area forces continuous movement by crushing Kirby if he's caught between an object and the rising surface. Regardless of stamina levels, being crushed results in a loss of a life; akin to falling into an open pit. Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Sparky, Blados, and a bomb enemy appear in this area. The Spark and Beam copy abilities can be acquired to break Star Blocks and defeat enemies. This area only contains a few checkpoints which serve as respawn points after being crushed.

The medal for the area is not hidden, but can be missed as it is on the far right side of a divided segment.