Spectacle Space

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Spectacle Space
KCC Spectacle Space.png
Host level Wonder Lilane
Stage order
Mad Mechanism The World of Drawcia
Theme Music

no music given

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Spectacle Space is the third stage of Wonder Lilane in Canvas Curse. It comes after Mad Mechanism. Spectacle Space is the last regular area Kirby visits in his adventure to break the curse cast upon him by Drawcia. No other stage in Canvas Curse shares visual elements with Spectacle Space. The background and some foreground elements seem to be a Cubist representation of a galaxy. With the abunance of spiked surfaces in the areas, Kirby rarely has any ground to rest on and charge his Rainbow Line guage.

Area 1[edit]

This area is network of narrow passages, laid out almost maze-like. In addition to the extensive upward travel, most surfaces are lined with spikes. The only enemies present in the area is a few Bloons, granting the Balloon Copy Ability, and a pair of Gordos. A medal for Medal Swap purchases can be acquired by travelling beneath the stage after discovering the breakable portion of the wall. Point Stars are plentiful in the area, and two Energy Drinks can be obtained. Only one single checkpoint appears in this area.

Area 2[edit]

Missile Kirby flying through the second area.

The second area of Spectacle Space is entirely open as if it were outer space itself. Kirby begins on a central crescent moon shaped structure closed off by purple and green colored blocks. Switches corresponding to the color blocks lie in the upper-right and lower-left sections of the area. The space in between is ripe with dangers, and as with the neighboring areas, resting space for Kirby is a rarity. The lower-right corner contains a large section of burning blocks, and the map view of the area indicates it may be a representation of a sun. Once through the color blocks, the final challenge for Kirby to reach the exit door is the simple color shutters and switch match-up.

Flamers, Gordos, Bang-Bangs, and the exploding mines are the only enemies present, but several are found in clusters near the switches and rewards. Flamers yield the burning ability and Bang-Bangs yield the missile ability. The area's hidden medal can be acquired near the "sun" and a 1 Up can be acquired in the upper left section. An all new object which seems to represent planets or small moons has a gravitational pull on Kirby. Kirby will continously orbit the object until either dashing free or drawing lines to escape on.

Area 3[edit]

A fast paced automatically scrolling screen and nearly every surface lined with spikes make this a rather difficult area. The background for the area becomes a scrolling motion blur image. Near the entrance large boulders aim to collide with Kirby, but can be broken by tapping them (with the stylus). Reaching the painted door to exit the area and begin the Jump Game, becomes a race with the closing walls. As soon as the moving wall touches the painted door, it will disappear.


  • The area's music seems to come from a remix of the Nightmare Wizard's battle theme in Kirby's Adventure (during his second phase).