Arange Gorge

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Arange Gorge is the second level of Kirby:Canvas Curse. Arange Gorge is indicated by an orange hex icon in the wheel to select a level. The level is only unlocked after successful completion of Reddy Land. Actual use of an orange environment can be seen in Mag Mount. The stages of Arange Gorge can be played in any order, as all stages of Canvas Curse. Each stage offers 3 hidden medals and their counterparts of Rainbow Run offer an additional 18. The Rainbow Run levels are unlocked after completing each stage and the Boss Game. The boss fight of the level is a choice between Level 1 fights with whichever was not fought for Reddy Land, or the Level 2 fight for the same boss previously fought. Choosing Level 2 will unlock that Sub-Game

Ghost Grounds

Main article: Ghost Grounds

The Ghost Grounds are as bleak as they sound. All three of the areas have a dark background and foreground; however, nothing remotely "ghostly" appears. Of the three stages in Growth Grasses, Ghost Grounds are the messiest to navigate, as Kirby will need to travel its erratic layout. One medal of this stage can not be obtained until a later point in the game.

Growth Grasses

Main article: Growth Grasses

The grassy lands of Growth Grasses are rather simple to navigate. The areas have the entrance and exit points almost directly forward of one another. All of the medals are easily obtained in the first run. All of the areas are tight passageways that have several enemies to confront.

Mag Mount

Main article: Mag Mount

Mag Mount seems to be the interior of an active volcano. As with the other two stages, Mag Mount consists of tight passageways in the form of tunnels. An additional hazard is the large amounts of magma forming floors, ceilings and walls. Some ink management will be needed to successfully complete the stage