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Iello Adventure

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Iello Adventure
KCC Iello Adventure.png
Title screen for Iello Adventure
Stages Rift Ruin
Contrast Cave
Silver Submarine
Level order
Arange Gorge Neo Greo
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Iello Adventure is the third level of Kirby: Canvas Curse. The name seems to be a pun on the word "yellow", as all of the other levels have a wordplay on color names. A yellow hex icon signifies Iello Adventure in both the main game and Rainbow Run's selection wheels. Also similar to the others, the stages can be played in any order. And lastly, 9 medals are offered in the main game, but 18 medals are available in Rainbow Run.


Stage Description
Rift Ruin takes place in a building that does not seem ruined at all. This area also houses the Big Switch controlling all orange Action Blocks. Another unique aspect to this stage is that it contains five areas rather than the standard three. Although, two of them are single small rooms.
Contrast Cave and Rift Ruin actually do carry a heavily yellow-colored theme. The cavern system of tunnels are peppered with purple gems in the walls, which are purely decorative. Some areas employ underwater travel, but less extensively than Silver Submarine.
Silver Submarine is a largely underwater area, with slate like walls, thus the name. The area constantly switches between dry land and submerged room travel. Most of the hazards involved spiked surfaces. Given the difficulty of controlling Kirby's floating, the spikes seem unavoidable at times.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イエラスアドベンチャー
Ieras Adventure
French Investigation Jaune Yellow Investigation
German Ikanaria Ikanaria
Italian Spazio Giallo Yellow Space
Spanish Aventura Limón Lemon Adventure