Dungeon Dome

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Dungeon Dome
KCC Dungeon Dome.jpg
Host level Bloo Hills
Stage order
Cold Course Canvas Canyon
Theme Music

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Dungeon Dome is the second stage of Bloo Hills in Kirby Canvas Curse. Kirby visits Dungeon Dome during his quest to defeat Drawcia. The stage shares background and visual elements with Contrast Cave.

Similar to other areas of Canvas Curse, Dungeon Dome has three hidden medals for Medal Swap purchases, and two companion courses in Rainbow Run offering a total of six more medals. The stage can be replayed at any time, even with other unlocked characters.

Area 1[edit]

Dungeon Dome's first area is mostly underwater. Although Kirby does start off on a dry ledge and can defeat a Rocky to obtain the Stone Copy Ability immediately. The water below houses the expected enemies Glunks, Blippers, Squishy. Some of the rare spots of dry land contain land enemies such as Waddle Doo, Waddle Dee, Rocky, and Blippers flopping like mad. The stone copy ability makes the water travel much easier as Kirby's ball form tends to float upwards. The stone form will slam to the bottom when activated. Some of the environmental hazards found are spiked walls, spiked floors, rotating spiked arms, and boulders. This area also employs challenges with Star Blocks, Bomb Blocks, switches, and shutters; some of which are quickly handled with the Beam copy ability.

Area 2[edit]

This area consists of several layers and criss-crosses the map with the openings to drop to the next level. Wheelie is the first enemy visible and the Wheel ability is useful in this area as several blocks that can only be broken with that copy ability appear in the area. Other enemies in the area are Bronto Burt, Bouncy, Waddle Dee, Soarar, and parachuting bombs. The medal for this area is in an easy to see location, but obtaining it is a puzzle. An interesting feature of this area is that Kirby again is locked in a room, forced to defeat all of the enemies that appear before being able to access the exit door.

Area 3[edit]

Kirby must travel through tunnels with limited visibility as foreground objects obscure several areas. Sparky and thus the Spark ability can be obtained in the first chamber. Releasing the power of the spark ability destroys everything overhead in its line of fire. Enemies that come into contact with Kirby are destroyed also, except for Caveela.