Cold Course

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Cold Course
KCC Cold Course.jpg
Host level Bloo Hills
Stage order
Paletto Polis Dungeon Dome
Theme Music

no music given

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Cold Course is Stage 1 of Bloo Hills in Canvas Curse. Kirby visits Cold Course on his quest to restore himself from the spell cast upon him by Drawcia. All of the areas seem to be part of a frozen, icy underground cavern system. Similar to other areas of Canvas Curse, Cold Course has three hidden medals for Medal Swap purchases, and companion courses in Rainbow Run offering a total of six more medals.

Area 1[edit]

This frozen cave is simple to navigate. Kirby begins by rolling down a steep incline, the rest of the rooms have staggered entry and exit points. Several appearances of Metal Blocks can be found. The blocks are destroyed and passed through by using the contact activated cannon. Bouncy, Ice Boulders, Waddle Dees, and Gordos all appear as enemies in this area.

Point Stars line many of the paths and are also rewarded when passing the checkpoint in this area. The medal can be found easily, although the tunnel to the doorway is difficult to discern due to foreground elements. A very large switch and Action Block can be seen in the room with the medal, but only accessed later.

Area 2[edit]

Breakable ice walls are introduced in this area. The cracked pillars can either be tapped with the stylus or attacked with one of Kirby's copy abilities or a dash attack. On the first hit the pillar will fracture more, and the second destroys it. Blocks that can only be broken with the freeze ability appear in this area as well. The only ice specific environmental hazards present are the falling icicles. Otherwise the primary environmental hazard is the expanse of open pits near the end of the stage. Bouncies, Shotzo, Chilly, and a Wheelie are enemies present in this stage.

The room visible from the previous area containing a switch for the action block can be accessed midway through this area. The medal is obtainable near the entrance, but requires the freeze ability to break through copy ability specific blocks. Point Stars are abundant throughout the stage but the largest concentration is found near the exit door.

Area 2 also appears as the Line Trial challenge of Rainbow Run.

Area 3[edit]

Area 3 is slightly more complex. The first room consists of several seemingly dead ends. The walls of ice blocking paths correspond to certain switches in the room. Kirby will need to press each switch to get through the room. The following rooms are descending passageways lined with spikes.

The medal and switch for the green action blocks can be found in the same room as the other medals. Kirby will need to employ the large black ball to break through the metal blocks, in order to access it.

This area also appears as the Time Trial challenge of Rainbow Run.


The music for Cold Course is a remix of Shiver Star theme in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. When Old School mode is on, the music of this course changes to the Rainbow Resort theme from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.