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Reddy Land

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Reddy Land
KCC Reddy Land.png
Title screen for Reddy Land
Stages Plant Plain
Tiny Town
Ravine Road
Level order
First level Arange Gorge
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Reddy Land is an area, and Level 1, of the painted lands of Kirby: Canvas Curse. The name is a word play on the word "ready", and color "red". Reddy Land is divided into three stages, Plant Plain, Tiny Town, and Ravine Road. This is the only accessible area at the start of the Main Game. After completing all three stages, Reddy Land becomes available in Rainbow Run. Through each of its three stages, Reddy Land has a total of nine medals to find. The Rainbow Run counterpart area offers an additional six medals. The stages can be played in any order. At the conclusion of the third completed stage, a Boss Game will begin. Kirby will be given the choice of facing Level 1 challenges against either Kracko Jr., Paint Roller, or King Dedede.


Stage Description
The first of the stages is a collection of relatively simple areas. The goal door is a direct path from the entrance. These areas have no environmental hazards, and very few enemies. Continued replay with the goal of collecting stars can be done to amass more extra lives for more difficult stages. All of the areas play out on a soothing backdrop of mountains, blue skies, lakes, and lush greenery.
The second stage is a pet hamster city-style collection of rooms with clear pipes leading from one to the next. Spiked floors and ceilings can be found in a few of the rooms, but are easily avoided. Although the number of enemies hasn't increased much, Kirby now confronts them in tight spaces, with less room to avoid them than Plant Plain. The background image of Tiny Town shows a wacky town skyline. Kirby will face challenges that must be completed in order to progress in the second area. Also introduced in the second area is a medal that can not be obtained until later in the game.
Ravine Road is the final area of Reddy Land. The area has many more enemies and alternates between tight spaces to confront them and large open areas to avoid them. Most of the travel will take place in midair by either using Rainbow Ink, or the dash pedestals and cannons. Near the end of the stage, gushes of air preventing Kirby from taking deadly falls will be absent.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レッディランド
reddi rando
Reddy Land
European French Route Rouge Red Road
German Rororot-Land Rerered-Land
Italian Distesa Rubino Ruby Expanse
European Spanish Tierra Roja Red Land