Silent Seabed

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Silent Seabed
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Host level Omarine Zone
Stage order
Volatile Volcano Frozen Fantasy
Theme Music

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Silent Seabed is the water filled area visited by Kirby in Canvas Curse, during his quest to break the canvas curse by quelling Drawcia. Silent Seabed is the third stage offered in Omarine Zone. Like Silver Submarine, Silent Seabed's background images appear to be paper drawings, and the foreground details appear to be slate with colorful doodles on it. The underwater surfaces are unusual as it does not appear to be a natural formation. The floors and walls are generally flat as if it were a sunken building. Also the presence of glass windows among the background imagery supports this conjecture.

Silent Seabed offers three medals, one in each stage, in the main game mode. In Rainbow Run, six more medals can be obtained via Time Trial and Line Trial challenges.

Area 1[edit]

The first area consists of side-by-side vertical shafts, connected by pipes at the bottom. Kirby must travel descending the first, then following a hallway to ascend the second. The water filled room impedes travel as Kirby tends to float. Rocky appears in the first room, above the Bomb Blocks and stone blocks. The Stone Copy Ability obtainable from him is useful for smashing Star Blocks and makes descending through the water easier. Gordos are seen zipping along horizontal paths, but can be blocked with a contact-activated block which moves as far as it can until touching anything, then stops. The arrow on the contact blocks will change directions after stopping and will be sent in that direction if touched (by the stylus) again. Waddle Doo, granting the Beam Copy Ability, can be found in an air pocket after the first checkpoint. The area below the checkpoint contains many Star Blocks with Blippers trapped among them and rotating Blados in the following section.

After passing a waterless hallway containing a Gordo, checkpoint, touch block, a Sparky, and the first hidden medal; a tube leading to the next section begins the ascension phase of the area. Blippers, Squishy, Waddle Doo, Sparky, Gordos, and more Blados reappear in the final area. Energy Drinks and Point Stars are scarce in the area.

This portion of Silent Seabed is reused in the Time Trial challenge of Rainbow Run. Three more medals can be obtained when completing the challenge in 1:17:00, the lower benchmarks for a medal reward are 1:45:00 and 2:00:00.

Area 2[edit]

This area uses horizontal travel, but retains its difficulty with electrical blocks and spikes placed on the floors and ceiling of the area. Switches and collapsing stone blocks are used extensively in the area. Other environmental hazards include lasers and rotating blades, although less frequently. Point stars are much more abundant in this area. Blippers, Glunk, Squishy, and a few exploding balloons are frequently encountered. An interactive element introduced here is the portion of a wall with an exclamation point drawn on must be broken (tap with stylus), in order to reach the final area and exit door. After being tapped with the stylus, the element begins to appear as a creation of Drawcia's paint.

The hidden medal for this area is found at the end of a long stretch of electrical blocks along the floor of a narrow passageway. Bronto Burts and an anti-ink barrier impede Kirby's access to the medal.

This portion of Silent Seabed is reused in the Line Trial challenge of Rainbow Run. Three more medals can be obtained when completing the challenge with 0500 ml of paint remaining, the lower benchmarks for a medal reward are 0300 mland 0100 ml.

Area 3[edit]

Automatic scrolling sets this area apart from the others. As soon as Kirby enters the area, the stage begins scrolling from left-to-right. If Kirby is squashed between any object or wall, a respawn from a checkpoint will be used, costing a life. A rare 1Up rests below the entry, beside a rotating energized arm. Another rarity in this area is Bang-Bang, who grants the Crash copy ability.