Neo Greo

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Neo Greo
KCC Neo Greo.png
Title screen for Neo Greo
Stages Machine Mansion
Dreamy Darkness
Paletto Polis
Level order
Iello Adventure Bloo Hills
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Neo Greo is the fourth level of Kirby: Canvas Curse. It is a reference to the Neo Geo video game system. Neo Greo is identifiable by its green hex icon in the selection wheel of both the Main Game and Rainbow Run. Similar to the others, the stages can be played in any order, but a Boss Game will begin after completing all three. And lastly, 9 medals are offered in the main game, but 18 medals are available in the Rainbow Run Line Trial and Time Trial challenges. Neo Greo's name is a pun on "green".


Stage Description
Machine Mansion is an industrial themed stage, with a mostly black and white design. The appearance of the areas and some of the enemies within maintain the industrial theme. In this stage, Kirby will have to contend with lasers, Color Shutters, and moving walls that vie to crush him.
Dreamy Darkness is another dreary stage with a wasteland background. This area is unique for use of the contact activated lanterns and totally dark screens.The stage also has six areas instead of the usual three. (Although it has more areas, only three medals are obtainable in the Main Game.)
Paletto Polis is pastel colored design with elements resembling a child's toys. It can be considered to be a larger, more complex, and more dangerous version of Tiny Town. Particularly dangerous is an auto-scrolling crusher area near the end of the stage.