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Volatile Volcano

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Volatile Volcano
KCC Volatile Volcano select.png
Opening screen for Volatile Volcano
Host level Omarine Zone
Time Trial bonuses 0:32:00
Line Trial bonuses 0350ml
Stage order
Collapse Castle Silent Seabed
Theme Music

Clip of the stage music that plays in Volatile Volcano

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This article is about the stage in Kirby: Canvas Curse, and should not be confused with Vocal Volcano.

Volatile Volcano is the second stage of Omarine Zone in Kirby: Canvas Curse. The stage shares its visual appearance with Mag Mount and is one of the few stages with more than three areas to traverse.

Stage overview[edit]

Area / map Description Medal guide
KCC Volatile Volcano area 01 map.png
Area 1
The most dominant element of this area is the large walls of lava. On contact, Kirby will catch on fire and take damage. Several cranes are in the area and safely tow Kirby over small segments of lava. Waddle Dees, Bronto Burts, Gordo, and the ice-yielding Snoppy are the only enemies in this area. The primary challenge is to make it past the magma. Although Energy Drinks are present, this area can still be difficult to maintain health due to the lava hazards. This medal is found in the lower-right corner of the map past a partially-concealed tunnel. To get it, Kirby has to move quickly in a no-draw zone as the floor underneath him crumbles. Getting out of this area afterward can also be tricky.
KCC Volatile Volcano area 02 map.png
Area 2
The beginning of this area is filled with enemies. Cappy, Waddle Dees, Bronto Burts, and Bouncies; as well as open expanses of lava ejecting occasional fireballs. The next portion of the area involves more hot challenges as flaming pillars are introduced with the fireballs, and rotating arms of fireballs. Preceding the flame hazards, green posts that completely halt Kirby's movements allow for some strategical planning and timing. Checkpoints are also found after short stretches of the map.

If the switch below the copy ability specific blocks was not pressed, Kirby will exit the area in an unusual manner. The bottom right of the map has no doorway, but Kirby can roll to exit to the right and begin another area.

This medal can be obtained in an alcove near the upper-right corner, which is blocked off by a barrier that can be broken by hitting a switch along the road above, which can be reached by breaking blocks weak only to the Freeze ability, which is obtained in the last room of Area 1 by colliding with a Snoppy, who is lodged in a difficult-to-reach alcove surrounded by no-draw zones and Gordos. Needless to say, this is a tricky medal to get.
KCC Volatile Volcano area 03 map.png
Area 3
More fiery forms of destruction are introduced, including small volcanoes. These volcanoes eject fireballs but can easy be avoided with use of ink. This area is small and ends with Kirby locked in a room first, containing 2 large Thudds and Bomb Blocks that break stone blocks to open small pits in which Kirby needs to trick the Thudds to slam into, thereby eliminating them. Other Thudds appear after eliminating one. A Maxim Tomato is awarded when all Thudds are eliminated and a doorway to the next area appears in the center of the chamber. N/A
KCC Volatile Volcano area 04 map.png
Area 4
Spear wielding and regular Waddle Dees confront Kirby near the entrance. The lava in this area ebbs and flows even breaching the ground. The paths also have several hills and valleys. The valleys leave Kirby more vulnerable to the rising magma. Midway through, a pair of rotating fireball arms in a near circular niche with minimal room to pass are found. The final area consists of a row of Flame Shotzos constantly ejecting flames and Bouncys. The Paint Door leading out of this stage appears at the end of the area in a low crevice that will fill with lava and subside. The medal here can be found in a lower tunnel inside a small alcove that can be opened up using a switch on the upper portion of the tunnel. Getting in and out again without hitting the lava will be tricky.

Enemies and Copy Abilities[edit]

Sprite Name Copy Ability Sprite Name Copy Ability
KCC Bouncy sprite.png Bouncy None KCC Snoppy sprite.png Snoppy Freeze
KCC Bronto Burt sprite.png Bronto Burt None KCC Spear Waddle Dee sprite.png Spear Waddle Dee None
KCC Cappy sprite.png Cappy None KCC Big Thudd sprite.png Thudd None
KCC Flame Shotzo 2 sprite.png Flame Shotzo N/A KCC Waddle Dee sprite.png Waddle Dee None
KCC Gordo sprite.png Gordo N/A


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヴァラトルボルケーノ
varatoru borukēno
Volatile Volcano
French Volcan Volatil Volatile Volcano
German Vulkan Vigil Volcano Vigil
Italian Vulcano Volubile Volatile Volcano