Ghost Grounds

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Ghost Grounds
KCC Ghost Grounds.jpg
Host level Arange Gorge
Stage order
Ravine Road Growth Grasses
Theme Music

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Ghost Grounds are the first stage of Arange Gorge in Canvas Curse. Kirby must traverse this gloomy area on his journey, despite being cursed to a ball form by Drawcia. All of the backdrops and foreground components of Ghost Grounds are dark and dreary. Most of the stage traveling will zigzag in all three, thereby increasing the difficulty slightly. There are also more interactive objects, enemies, and alternative paths.

Area 1[edit]

The first area sets the mood for the latter stages, and little is changed. The background seems to be showing a graveyard or a generic dark wasteland. The main new interactive objects here are bubbles. Several spots have constant streams of bubbles, slightly larger than Kirby rising up. Kirby can ride these to the top of the levels. Between the large open areas, a small network of canons can be found, although their use is optional.

The medal can be found near the end, high above the goal door. Kirby can only obtain it with the Burning copy ability equipped, as it is behind a stack of blocks that can not be otherwise broken. Most of the point stars are found close to the ground. This area later appears as the Line Trial challenge of Rainbow Run.

Area 2[edit]

The most noticeable oddity of this area, is that Kirby starts near the center of the map (vertically). Unless the first canon is bypassed, Kirby will be fired upwards and miss the rewards below. This stage seems to take place in a network of earthen tunnels. A Sparky can be found between several one-way ledges. After getting the Spark copy ability, the blocks with lightning symbols on them can be destroyed. The spark blocks lead to a hoard of point stars. If the ability is kept, the extreme top-right corner has spark blocks and a medal.

Area 3[edit]

Noted misspelling of the area name in the officially released screenshot

Earthen walls, floors, and ceilings repeat the tunnel feel of Area 2. By getting the burning ability from the Bobo, Kirby can bypass a large section of spiked floors and ceilings, even though a contact activated canon would fire him safely past them and through the metal blocks. The area beyond is more travel among the tunnels. A visible Action Block is blocking the path to the area's medal, after pressing the corresponding switch (in Rift Ruin), Kirby can go through it. Close to the end of the stage, more canons can be found to toss Kirby to higher ground. The final task is to destroy enough star blocks to descend to the goal door. Between each row of blocks, Bronto Burts are fluttering and will damage Kirby if not stunned before dropping in.

This area later appears as the Time Trial challenge of Rainbow Run.