Cart Run

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Cart Run
Boss game dedede.png
Gameplay screenshot of Cart Run.
Type(s) Rail racing
Levels 3
Players 1
Appears in Kirby: Canvas Curse
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Cart Run is a Boss Game in Kirby: Canvas Curse, hosted by King Dedede. It also doubles as a Sub-Game, which only becomes available after successful completion of both levels of the Boss Game version.[1] In the sub game version, while the first two levels (from the Boss Game version) are available, an endless third difficulty level is also offered prior to the start of the game.

Cart Run is a race against King Dedede in which both Kirby and the latter will ride in vehicles similar to mine carts. King Dedede's cart rides on a fixed track and Kirby follows a rail generator which is invincible and can destroy star blocks, enemies, and generates track anywhere in the playable area of the course.[2] The main goal is to reach the finish line first before King Dedede does, by eating flying food across the screen.


This boss game or sub-game is simply a matter of crossing the finish line before King Dedede does. Naturally, he cheats and throws hammers at Kirby's cart. Contact with the hammers, Gordo, or any other enemy will result in lost stamina and a slowdown.[3] Kirby can regain lost speed by eating any of the food on screen,[4] eating two at once will provide the Max Speed boost.

Kirby can smash through star blocks and enemies (with the exception of Gordo) by directing the track generator towards them. In the Sub-Game version, smashing through blocks and enemies will accrue more points to determine the final score and rank (see details below). Kirby's stamina needs to be closely monitored as depleted health will end the game prematurely. [5] Several Energy Drinks and Maxim Tomatoes can be picked up to replenish lost health.

A gauge indicating placement in the race between the start and the checkpoint/goal is displayed on the top screen. If Kirby passes a checkpoint, the race will continue, but the amount of enemies and star blocks on screen will increase, and the background changes to either a cave, forest, or city setting. Level 1 contains two checkpoints, Level 2 contains three, and Level 3 has an infinite number of them. While Level 1 and 2 are close races, King Dedede is blazing fast in Level 3, but does not affect gameplay in any way due to the endless nature of said level.

Scoring and Ranking[edit]

In the Sub-Game version of Cart Run, a scoring system is added, which gauges the current score of the player on the top screen. Ranks are given upon completion of the Level, or in the case of Level 3, death of Kirby. The ranking system is in a cascading alphabetical format with subnames for each rank given. The higher the score, the lower the alphabet letter will be and thusly the higher the rank. Each Subgame will record the top three scores for each level. Other than for measuring personal progress, and the medal reward for Level 3, the ranking solely exists for bragging rights.

Star Block 50 points Hammer 150 points
Food 20 points Enemies 100-200 points
Multiple Food 190 points Beat King Dedede 2000 points
Energy Drink 50 points Time Left 50 points per second
Maxim Tomato 200 points Level 3 "A" Rank = 1 Medal
  • Ranks[6]
    • Rank AAA- Rainbow Hero
    • Rank AA- Warp Speed
    • Rank A- Light Speed
    • Rank B- Speed of Sound
    • Rank C- Bullet Train
    • Rank D- Super Express
    • Rank E- Express Train
    • Rank F- Commuter Train
    • Rank G- Locomotive
    • Rank H- Walker
    • Rank I- Toddler
    • Rank J- Crawler


Flavor text[edit]

Image Game Flavor text
Kirby Canvas Curse box art.png Kirby: Canvas Curse Draw rails! Food=Speed!

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