Plant Plain

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Plant Plain
Plant Plains.jpg
Starting screen for Plant Plain
Host level Reddy Land
Stage order
First stage Tiny Town
Theme Music

no music given

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Plant Plain is one of the stages in Reddy Land. Although the stages can be played in any order, Plant Plain appears as the first option, and is considered to be the first stage of Kirby Canvas Curse. The other two companion stages of Reddy Land include Tiny Town and Ravine Road. The areas of the stage all match in their use of hilly grasslands, simple enemies, and no environmental hazards. The easily reachable 1Up and sheer number of accessible stars make the stage an obvious choice to replay when needing more lives to progress through more difficult stages.

Area 1[edit]

The first area of Plant Plain is a straightforward hilly grassland, and also the exact same stage to appear in the Time Trial of Rainbow Run. The enemies in the area are relatively simple to defeat. The first copy ability, balloon appears in the top section near the area entrance. Kirby must stun Bloon or hit him with a dash attack in order to obtain it. Bronto Burts and Waddle Dees are the only other enemy in the area. From the entry point of the area, the goal is almost directly forward with no environmental hazards. Another notable aspect is the abundance of stars and Star Blocks.

A medal can be found directly in Kirby's path to the goal. An energy drink is seen atop of a star block, and a 1Up can be obtained at the top right corner of the area. Several small cannons can be used to blast Kirby in an arc matching the layout and location of the stars.

Area 2[edit]

Loops speed Kirby up.

The second area visually appears similar to the first, but has more enemies. Many more Waddle Dees are walking around, including a spear throwing Waddle Dee. A Waddle Doo can also be seen immediately from the beginning, defeating it will yield the beam copy ability. Bouncies, Bronto Burts, and a Shotzo also appear in this area. The goal is again directly forward from the entrance; although a small alternate path can be taken near the end. The lower level has more enemies beneath a ledge, quick use of the beam whip, or destruction of the supporting star blocks will eliminate them.

The area's medal can be easily accessed by destroying a bomb block. The medal again appears in a location that cannot be missed, as it rests in a niche between both paths towards the end. Two energy drinks can also be picked up along the route.

Area 3[edit]

The third area is also similar in appearance. This area is used as the Line Trial area in Rainbow Run. The entire area can easily be completed without using a single Rainbow Line in both game modes. A Wheelie rolls towards Kirby immediately upon entering the area. Defeating it will yield the Wheel ability, which can cruise straight towards the goal. Several Bouncies, Wheelies, Waddle Dees, and Bronto Burts appear in the area, but most are higher above the surface. This area also introduces trampolines that bounce Kirby upwards slightly.

On the other side of the goal door, a small cannon can be used to shoot Kirby to the above ledge. After three star blocks, the area's medal can be easily obtained.


  • Plant Plain, as well as all other stages and the title of Canvas Curse are deliberate title alliterations.