Wonder Lilane

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Wonder Lilane
KCC Wonder Lilane.png
Title screen for Wonder Lilane
Stages Frozen Fantasy
Mad Mechanism
Spectacle Space
Level order
Omarine Zone The World of Drawcia
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Wonder Lilane is the seventh and final regular level of Canvas Curse. Wonder Lilane is represented by the lilac colored hex in the level selection wheel for both the Main Game and Rainbow Run. The Wonder Lilane is not accessible until Omarine Zone and all previous stages are completed. The following level is the The World of Drawcia,which is the final boss area. After completing the three stages, Wonder Lilane becomes available in Rainbow Run's challenges, in which additional medals can be unlocked for Medal Swap purchases. After all three areas are completed, a short animation of Drawcia appears as The World of Drawcia is unlocked; instead of a Boss Game.

The stages offered in Wonder Lilane are vastly different from one another, as the first seems to be a frigid cavern system, the second the innards of a mechanical contraption, and the third a surreal outer space-like area. The stages can be played in any order, despite being numbered in the game. Further replay value stems from the fact that stages can be replayed with any unlocked character.

Frozen Fantasy[edit]

Main article: Frozen Fantasy

As expected, Frozen Fantasy is an ice themed collection of stages. The stages contain many enemies, environmental hazards, and interactive devices. The use of anti-ink barriers also makes the stages much more difficult compared to previous levels. Copy Abilities are only found in the first stage, and are extremely difficult to retain in order to bring to later stages. The large blue switch for the Action Blocks can be found in this level.

Mad Mechanism[edit]

Main article: Mad Mechanism

Like Machine Mansion before it, Mad Mechanism uses an industrial background and is colored in mostly black and white. Aside from a few Bronto Burts, Waddle Dees, and Bouncies most of the dangers of the area consist of indestructible hazards such as Gordos, Shotzos, Lasers, exploding balloons, spikes, and open pits. Two of the stages end with mini challenges to reach the exit door, although neither are boss fights.

Spectacle Space[edit]

Main article: Spectacle Space

Spectacle Space's theme and elements are unique to itself, unlike other areas which share backgrounds and styles. The background to Spectacle Space seems to be a Cubist representation of a galaxy. Most noticiable about the stages, is that Kirby rarely has ground to rest on. Conservative ink use is required to complete the areas.