Bloo Hills

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Bloo Hills is the fifth level visited by Kirby in Kirby: Canvas Curse. The hex symbol representing Bloo Hills in the main game and Rainbow Run is a light blue with a dark blue swirl. Similar to the others, the stages can be played in any order, but a Boss Game will begin after completing all three. And lastly, 9 medals are offered in the main game, but 18 medals are available in the Rainbow Run Line Trial and Time Trial challenges. Also similar to the other worlds, Bloo Hills' areas names are all title alliterations.

Cold Course

Main article: Cold Course

One of the game's frozen areas. The areas take longer to complete than previously conquered lands. At this point, enemies and environmental hazards are much more common. This area involves mostly underground ice cavern themed exploration. Typical hazards involved are falling stalactites, large ice boulders, and open pits.

Dungeon Dome

Main article: Dungeon Dome

Dungeon Dome also seems to be a mountainous cavern themed level with yellow walls and large decorative purple gems within. All three stages are vastly different from one another. The first is an underwater tunnel system, the second is a large chamber with staggering ledges dividing it somewhat, and the final area is a tunnel system without water.

Canvas Canyon

Main article: Canvas Canyon

Canvas Canyon brings Kirby back to the open air, but requires extensive aerial navigation against strong wind gusts.