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Para Sorceress

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Para Sorceress
Para Sorceress artwork.png
Artwork of Para Sorceress from Kirby: Canvas Curse.
First game Kirby: Canvas Curse (2005)
Copy Ability None
Similar entities Para Matter
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KCC Para Sorceress sprite.png

Para Sorceress is an obscure enemy found exclusively in Kirby: Canvas Curse. It is conjured by Drawcia Sorceress, and resembles her greatly, though is much smaller and simpler in design. Para Sorceress only appears during this boss fight, though it is given a place in the cast list during the credits sequence.

Para Sorceress flies forward after being conjured, and will hurt Kirby if he comes into contact with it, freezing him solid for a moment on contact. It can be defeated by tapping it using the Magical Paintbrush (by the player using the Nintendo DS stylus).


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パラソーサレス[1]
Para Sōsaresu
Para Sorceress
Italian Strega Para Para Witch