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Boss InfoBox
Artwork of Drawcia Sorceress.
Debut Game Kirby: Canvas Curse
Weakness(es) Power Paintbrush
Similar to Claycia, Soul of Sectonia
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Drawcia is the main antagonist and the only boss not fought in a sub-game in Kirby: Canvas Curse. She was a witch who turned Dream Land into a portrait. To hinder his attempt to stop her, she turned Kirby into a ball. After going through 7 levels, Kirby goes to the World of Drawcia, confronting her at the end. Kirby battles her twice, once each in her differing incarnations, while still in his ball form. After she is defeated, Drawcia is shoved into a canvas, breaking the Canvas Curse laid on him and Dream Land.


Drawcia has two known incarnations. These forms are Drawcia Sorceress and Drawcia Soul.

Drawcia Sorceress

Drawcia facing Meta Knight

Drawcia Sorceress is the form Kirby sees when he first encounters Drawcia and the first incarnation he battles. Drawcia Sorceress attacks Kirby in many ways. She can paint enemies that do not give Copy Abilities, such as Waddle Dee. Drawcia can also draw spikes, which severely limits the space Kirby can move to for a short time. Drawcia Sorceress also swings across the screen, attempting to damage Kirby and release mini versions of herself to attack Kirby. When she shoots energy balls, Kirby can use the Magic Paintbrush to deflect them, stunning Drawcia, and allowing Kirby to attack. After being defeated in this form, Drawcia Sorceress becomes Drawcia Soul: a distorted beast that has five eyes and a huge mouth, and the predecessor to Marx Soul.

Drawcia Soul

Drawcia's soul form

Drawcia Soul is the second form Kirby battles. This form appears to be made out of paint. Drawcia Soul attacks Kirby in several ways. One of these ways is by sending out blobs which can be tapped using the touch screen in order for them to attack Drawcia. If not tapped, these instead hurt Kirby in ways that depend on which type of blob wasn't tapped. One of these ways is by shooting lasers. Drawcia Soul can also attack Kirby by going across the screen in a way similar to the Burning Copy Ability, except that this doesn't burn Kirby. Another way she attacks is by making paint fall, which Kirby can block with the Magic Paintbrush. When she appears in the foreground and shows her face, Kirby can stun Drawcia by tapping with the Magic Paintbrush and stun her, making a chance to attack appear. After she is defeated, Drawcia Soul is stuffed into a canvas, and the game ends.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドロシア