Drawcia Soul

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Drawcia Soul
Drawcia Soul.png
Artwork of Drawcia Soul from Kirby: Canvas Curse.
First game Kirby: Canvas Curse (2005)
Weakness(es) Magical Paintbrush
Similar to Drawcia, Void Soul, Void
Theme music

Drawcia Soul's theme

Clip of the music that plays during the battle with Drawcia Soul.

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Drawcia Soul is a giant spherical ghostly creature made of paint that Drawcia turns into upon being defeated in her "Sorceress" form. Drawcia Soul serves as the final boss of Kirby: Canvas Curse, and is the first boss to have "Soul" addended to her name in the Kirby series. To date, she is also the only Soul boss who is fought in a main story mode, as opposed to only in an Extra Game or Boss Endurance mode.


Drawcia Soul resembles a giant ball of paint that frequently shifts in hue and drips along the bottom. On the ball is a face consisting of five eyes and a gaping mouth, all of which are yellow on the inside with no features. The ball is surrounded by a green ghostly aura that roils and shimmers. This implies Drawcia Soul's ethereal nature, as she seems to flicker and warp in shape like a projection of light rather than a real solid entity.

Boss Battle[edit]

Drawcia Soul is faced immediately after Kirby defeats Drawcia Sorceress, being fought in a shimmering abstract arena which is otherwise ordinary and flat. Kirby gains an HP refill before the fight begins (thankfully). Drawcia Soul has a great deal of HP, but there are two primary ways of damaging her, as follows:


The following table lists all of Drawcia Soul's attacks. Note that attack names are conjectural, with some being based off of known attack names from other bosses:

Drawcia Soul's attacks  
Attack Description Notes
Para Matters
Drawcia Soul throws out Para Matters, which can be knocked back at her. If they are not quickly dealt with, they will attack Kirby in various ways.
The number of Para Matters and how quickly they are sent out varies. Generally, when Drawcia Soul is lower in HP, they come out quicker.
Drawcia Soul can teleport around the arena. While doing this, she can be tapped repeatedly to stun her, allowing Kirby to get a hit in.
Shooter Cutter
Drawcia Soul opens up and shoots out several Cutter projectiles. These can be blocked using the Rainbow Line, but the line will shatter when hit.
Deadly Bound
Drawcia Soul bounces along the ground, approaching Kirby and then slamming hard into the ground in his plane.
Later on, the initial bounces are less reliable in predicting Drawcia Soul's landing position.
Drawcia Soul splits into several pieces and rains down on Kirby as a firestorm. This can be blocked using the Rainbow Line, but the line will shatter when hit.
The direction which the firestorm can rain in from can vary, including coming in from multiple directions.
Deadly Sun
Drawcia Soul turns into a giant fireball and rushes across the stage, forcing Kirby to jump.
Drawcia Soul may fire slightly higher than ground level to catch Kirby off guard.


  • Many of Drawcia Soul's attacks would be reused by other Soul Bosses further down the line, most notably Soul of Sectonia, Void Soul, and Void.
  • The music that plays during Drawcia Soul's battle would later be used in the Soul Melter EX lobby in The Ultimate Choice.
  • Many future bosses have attacks similar to Drawcia Soul:
    • Marx can use Shooter Cutter in both his forms, as well as Drawcia Soul's Deadly Meteor (though his version has him do two meteors) and Paint Rain attacks in his Soul form.
    • Soul of Sectonia has a giant fireball attack which is very similar in appearance to that of Drawcia Soul's.
    • Void Termina's Core can pull off a similar move to Drawcia Soul's Deadly Bound. In this move, called Sprint, it bounces around the stage before going into the background and then tries to literally stomp on Kirby before retreating and charging from the background shortly after.
    • Void Soul has a variant of the attack called Deadly Bound which resembles Drawcia Soul's Deadly Bound more closely, but he splits into four. Void Soul and his clones then try to stomp on their target in order to deal damage, without bouncing on the stage beforehand. As Void, he and his duplicates come in two at a time, and Void can also use Void Termina's Core's variant but with water to slow the player's movement. Void can also use an attack that is similiar to Drawcia Soul's burning attack.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドロシア ソウル
Doroshia Sōru
Drawcia Soul