Kirby's Avalanche

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Kirby's Avalanche

Kirby Avalanche box art 2.jpg

Kirby's Avalanche Coverart.png

North American boxart for Kirby's Avalanche.
Developer(s) Compile
HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Kazunori Ikeda
Release date(s) SNES:
NA April 25, 1995
Europe February 1, 1995

Virtual Console (Wii):
Europe July 27, 2007
Australia July 27, 2007
NA September 24, 2007
Platform(s) SNES, Wii Virtual Console
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E.png - Everyone

PEGI: PEGI 3+.png - 3+

Game chronology
Kirby's Dream Course Kirby's Dream Land 2
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Kirby's Avalanche (known as Kirby's Ghost Trap in British English) is a puzzle game developed by Compile, in collaboration with HAL Laboratory, that was released in 1995. It is a spinoff title and a direct modification of the Japanese puzzle game Super Puyo Puyo, except featuring Kirby characters. Due to its similarities to Super Puyo Puyo, this game was never released in Japan, making it the only Kirby game with this distinction.


Kirby competing against Lololo & Lalala.

In Kirby's Avalanche, like in Puyo Puyo, certain groups of colored blobs fall from the top of the screen. the player must then rotate the groups (or formations) of blobs before they touch the bottom of the screen or the pile of blobs below so that matching colored blobs touch from above, below, and the right and/or left. Once four more same-colored blobs touch each other, they will disappear, and any blobs above them will fall down to fill in the empty space.

If Kirby manages to set off a chain reaction with these blobs, rocks will then fall onto the opponent's screen. The number of rocks that fall depends both on the number of blobs destroyed and the number of consecutive chain reactions if any. These rocks will only disappear if the player manages to destroy (pop) a full group of blobs that are in direct contact with the rocks.

Notably, in the cut-scenes between each round, Kirby is shown trash-talking his opponents and speaking in full sentences. This a very unique and strange occurrence; in the rest of the Kirby series, Kirby is not rude, and has never been known to speak outside of simple phrases, such as "hi" or "poyo". Instead, his behavior is more in line with the personality of Puyo Puyo's protagonist, Arle Nadja, who is replaced by Kirby in this game. As such, the game's storyline does not fall into the canon, and certainly does not reflect Kirby as a character in the main series.


During the Competition mode of the game, Kirby may face a total of 16 Bosses in the order presented. These bosses do not possess any special skills (apart from King Dedede, whose blobs make the ground shake, resulting in a purely optical effect), but their playing styles vary slightly, generally becoming faster and more aggressive as Kirby advances through the game.

It should be noted that Waddle Dee, Bronto Burt and Waddle Doo are exclusive to the game's Easy mode (and are the only opponents fought in that mode), while Poppy Bros. Sr., Whispy Woods and Kabu are exclusive to Normal mode. Individual battles are referred to as Lessons (in Easy mode) or Stages.

Stage Name Appearance Abbr. Pre-Battle Exchange Notes
Lesson 1 Waddle Dee KAvWaddleDee.png WADE Kirby: Hi, Waddle Dee! Are you ready?!? Waddle Dee never speeds up or turns any of its blobs while they are falling and appears to place them at random.
Enemy: Umm, can we just walk together? The forest scares me...
Kirby: Sorry, rules are rules!
Lesson 2 Bronto Burt KAvBrontoBurt.png BRON Enemy: Ah HA!! I have found my next victim!! -
Kirby: Bronto Burt you bully, the pleasure will be all mine.
Enemy: Shut up and play!
Lesson 3 Waddle Doo KAvWaddleDoo.png WADO Enemy: You did not treat Waddle Dee with respect... Now I, Waddle Doo will repay you in kind! -
Kirby: I don't think so!!
Stage 1 Poppy Bros. Sr. KAvPoppyBrosSr.png PBSR Enemy: Hi, Kirby! Want a bomb sandwich? Like Waddle Dee, Poppy Bros. Sr. does not turn its blobs.
Kirby: I'll breathe in your pathetic bombs and send them right back at you!
Enemy: Stalemate... Okay, let's compete in a quick game of Avalanche!
Stage 2 Whispy Woods KAvWhispyWoods.png WHIS Enemy: Please don't tread on my roots, it would not be a wise decision. Whispy always opens the battle by attempting to build four rows of blob at the bottom.
Kirby: I feel like some apple pie!
Stage 3 Kabu KAvKabu.png KABU Kirby: Who blocked the path with this boulder? -
Enemy: Your road to glory ends here
Kirby: OH!! Hi Kabu, are you ready for a game of Avalanche?
Stage 4 Broom Hatter KAvBroomHatter.png BRMH Enemy: Oh what a mess! Must I clean up this entire forest? Broom Hatter is the first opponent in Hard mode and fills the leftmost and rightmost column to the top at the beginning of the fight.
Kirby: I'd worry more about cleaning up your Avalanche skills first.
Enemy: Dust, dust, sweep... Huh?!??
Stage 5 Squishy KAvSquishy.png SQUI Enemy: I know what your dream is! But King Dedede was saying- -
Kirby: Go meddle in someone else's affairs, Squishy, I've got to get to the Dream Fountain.
Enemy: An eight-armed Avalanche for you then, Kirby!
Stage 6 Lololo & Lalala KAvLololoLalala.png LOLA Kirby: To get this far you must have a-MAZE-ing skill Tee hee hee!! -
Enemy: Oh yeah? Try and figure your way out of this!
Stage 7 Bugzzy KAvBugzzy.png BUGZ Enemy: ROOAAAAAAARRR!!!!! -
Kirby: Oh, I'm soooo scared
Stage 8 Paint Roller KAvPaintRoller.png PAIN Enemy: Let me paint you a lovely portrait... -
Kirby: Oh, how sweet of yo-
Enemy: ...of you losing to me, HA HA HA!
Kirby: Paint Roller, you are the meanest art student I've ever met.
Enemy: Student? HA! I am the MASTER!!
Stage 9 Heavy Mole KAvHeavyMole.png HVYM Enemy: I am Heavy Mole, watch while I undermine your precious dream!! Heavy Mole is the first opponent fought at the Dream Fountain and focuses primarily on rapidly destroying blobs rather than forming big chain reactions.
Kirby: You are sneaky, but I will not be distracted by your under-handed tactics.
Stage 10 Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright KAvMrShineMrBright.png MS&B Enemy: We rule both the night and the day! -
Enemy: This leaves no time for you Kirby! Be gone!!
Kirby: I thrive at dusk and at dawn! I'll have you two fighting before the day is done.
Stage 11 Kracko KAvKracko.png KRAC Enemy: KRRR-RACKK!!!! Dance to my deadly music, or fry like a moth! HA HA!! -
Kirby: You couldn't hit a barn sized lightning rod, Kracko!
Stage 12 Meta Knight KAvMetaKnight.png META Enemy: None shall pass! En garde, Kirby! Meta Knight is more skilled than other opponents at making a comeback when most of his playing field has been covered in rocks.
Kirby: But I have no sword!?!
Enemy: Oh, you're so right... Then Avalanche it is, ha ha ha ha!!!
Final Stage King Dedede KAvKingDedede.png DEDE Enemy: Kirby!! Your dream has carried you far but here it ends. When Dedede's blobs land, his half of the screen shakes slightly. This has no effect on gameplay, however.
Enemy: The Dream Fountain Cup will be mine!!
Kirby: Welcome King Dedede. And good luck to you too.



  • Whispy Woods is the 5th boss in this game rather than the first as in most other games.
  • Sega released a game similar to this and Puyo Puyo two years earlier, called Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
  • Waddle Doo is referred to as Waddle Dee's cousin, and Paint Roller is said to be an art student.
  • Kabu is the only enemy whose abbreviation is the same as his name.

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