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Paint Panic

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Paint Panic
KCC Boss game paint.png
Gameplay screenshot of Paint Panic.
Type(s) Quick matching
Levels 3
Players 1
Appears in Kirby: Canvas Curse
Theme music

The song that plays in Paint Panic
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Paint Panic is a Sub-Game in Kirby: Canvas Curse. Paint Panic is derived from the Paint Roller boss battle, and only becomes available after successful completion of both levels of the Paint Roller boss battle. In the sub game version, three difficulty levels are offered prior to the start of the game. Paint Panic mostly plays as a connect-the-dots style memory game in overdrive (thus the panic part of the title). Kirby is being chased by Bombers and his only salvation is to finish Paint Roller's image to speed up and escape them. The second part of the game is a speed reaction challenge. Blinking panels will appear in a grid and must be struck before the next set lights up. A timed factor to the game exists even without the clock, considering that the Bombers are approaching and will serve to damage Kirby. The health meter can be seen on the top screen and when drained, the game is over.


Kirby slowly rolls along in a tube above the stage, Bombers are approaching and Paint Roller is drawing an image. The image drawn by Paint Roller only leaves a series of dots on the slate. The movement of his pencil must be quickly memorized and repeated to complete the image and allow Kirby to escape the approaching Bombers. The correct chain of connects will be marked by a green crayon textured line; the next few connections will be hinted at via an animation of a pink dot leaving the last point and flowing to the ones meant to be followed. Each incorrect attempt to connect the dots will cause the line of Bombers to gain ground on Kirby and subtract 10 points. If the lead bomber touches Kirby, it will explode, cause damage, and subtract points.

A successfully drawn image will fill with color and show what it was meant to be. Points will also be added to the score depending on various factors (below). Kirby will also exit the screen depending on the speed of the image's completion. For fast solutions, he'll use a Dash Attack and spin out. For the fastest solution, he'll use a Burning attack and fly out. Slow solutions are either met by the contact of Bombers and resulting in the image to be failed, or the uneventful slow rolling escape.


The second portion of the sub game consists of a 4x4 square grid of blue panels. To begin, a single panel will flash and display a star, and that simply needs to be tapped with the stylus. One green light on the left hand meter will light up, and 10 are needed to complete this portion of the sub-game. The game will end if Kirby reaches the end of the tube before successfully completing 10 sequences. Completing all 10 and filling the meter with green lights will cause the grid and tube system to explode. Paint Roller will then fall and land in defeat.

When playing this sub-game on level 3, the game will continuously cycle from the two modes until Kirby is out of health or if he reaches 99 paintings. The number of panels needed to activate one green light will also slowly increase as well, with up to six at a time especially when all the lights are nearly lit.

Paintings painted by Paint Roller[edit]

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Paintings painted by Paint Roller

Scoring and Ranking[edit]

Ranks are given upon completion of the Level, or in the case of Level 3, running out of health. The ranking system is in a cascading alphabetical format with titles for each rank given. The higher the score, the nearer the alphabet letter will be and subsequently the higher the rank. Each Sub-game will record the top three scores for each level. Other than for measuring personal progress, and the medal reward for Level 3, the ranking solely exists for bragging rights.

Speed 0-200 points
Accuracy 0-150 points
1-Stroke Bonus 50-500 points
Level 3 "A" Rank = 1 Medal
  • Ranks
    • Rank AAA - Rainbow Hero
    • Rank AA- Genius
    • Rank A- Prodigy
    • Rank B- Gifted Artist
    • Rank C- Talent
    • Rank D- Artist
    • Rank E- Art Student
    • Rank F- Sketcher
    • Rank G- Dabbler
    • Rank H- Scribbler
    • Rank I- Scrawler
    • Rank J- Doodler

Flavor text[edit]

Image Game Flavor text
Kirby Canvas Curse box art.png Kirby: Canvas Curse Draw lines as shown. Hurry!



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペイントパニック
peinto panikku
Paint Panic
European French Défi Pinceau ! Brush Challenge!
German Pinselpanik Brush panic
Italian Pennello Pazzo Mad Paintbrush
European Spanish Lápiz Loco Crazy Pencil