Ravine Road

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Ravine Road
Ravine Road.JPG
Starting screen for Ravine Road
Host level Reddy Land
Stage order
Tiny Town Ghost Grounds
Theme Music

no music given

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Ravine Road is the third stage of Reddy Land in Kirby: Canvas Curse. The stage is presumably a path leading from Reddy Land to Arange Gorge. If the stages are played in their cardinal order, at the end of Ravine Road, Kirby will be given a choice of Bosses to challenge. The level's background is of an amber, twilit sky, and several waterfalls obstruct view in the foreground. The most noticeable features of the level are the floating cliff ledges. Kirby will need to do extensive air traveling along the road.

Area 1[edit]

Kirby, Wheelie, and Bouncy in Ravine Road

The area steps up the difficulty with the sheer number of enemies, who often have a higher ground advantage. The open pits aren't at all hazardous, a gush of air blasts from them, preventing accidental death plunges. The area also alternates between tight space enemy confrontations and wide open spaces permitting enemy avoidance. The tight spaces are usually found in between high and low points of the underground sections.

The medal reward for this area is easily found in a nook high above, near the entrance.

Area 2[edit]

Area 2 is as small as the others in Ravine Road. The open pits are larger, but still use a gush of air to push Kirby back up. Among the enemies in the area, the Missile ability can be obtained from a well hidden Bang-Bang. If Kirby makes it to near the end, and retains the missile ability, several blocks can be broken to access the medal. This area later appears as the Line Trial of Rainbow Run

Area 3[edit]

This area starts off with a vertical descent by alternating between bomb-destructible blocks, and clear blocks that collapse or dissolve after contact. An optional bomb ledge housing a Wheelie can be opened to empower Kirby with the Wheel ability for the rest of his roadtrip. More collapsible blocks can be found closer to the goal doorway, the open pits beneath them have no in-rush of air and falling through will cost a life. This area also serves as the Time Trial of Rainbow Run.

The medal can be found by taking the lowest fork near the end. After the checkpoint pole, draw a line to reverse directions and a niche with the medal will be passed.