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Rainbow Lines are lines drawn by the stylus on the touch-screen of the Nintendo DS[1] in Kirby: Canvas Curse. Kirby develops the power to use Rainbow Lines after serendipitously obtaining the Rainbow Paintbrush. The use of the rainbow lines may require constant monitoring of the ink gauge.[2]. Ink replenishes quickly while Kirby is on the ground, but slowly while suspended in the air or riding rainbow lines.[3] Additional ink styles can be unlocked in Medal Swap. These include a black and white Zebra Line, a studded Bead Line, and a primary color studded Tropic Line. The ink styles can be changed at any time in the Options menu.


Rainbow Lines are mostly used to guide Kirby's movements. Due to the Ball form's limits, the lines are his only way to get over walls[4] and open pits. Kirby will follow the direction the line was drawn.[5] Loops can be drawn to speed Kirby up as though a dash move has been activated. Lines drawn too steep will ricochet Kirby's direction of travel.[6] Whenever a second line is drawn the first will begin to disappear quickly.[7]

Using rainbow lines under water inverts the mechanics somewhat. Since Kirby's ball form naturally floats, lines need to be overhead to guide him. A field that appears to be similar to water can be found in several levels, these fields will not generate rainbow lines. Rainbow Lines can also be used to block wind or currents from contact-activated fans to free Kirby's movements.[8]


Lines can block on-coming projectile attacks from Shotzos, Flame Shotzos, lasers,[9] and more.[10] Clever use of the ink can both protect Kirby and provide the rail to travel on. Some scenarios may be best confronted by using "V-shaped" or "C-Shaped" lines[11] with Kirby traveling in the enclosed portions. Some enemies are able to attack through rainbow lines and even destroy them.[12] Of all the boss fights in Kirby: Canvas Curse, only the Drawcia battle requires the use of rainbow lines.

Line Trial[edit]

Main article: Rainbow Run

Line Trial is a mode of Rainbow Run in which ink usage must be minimal in order to receive the medal prizes. The courses are from areas of the main game levels, but replacing the World of Drawcia with unlockable courses. The top screen replaces the map with a large ink bottle filled with Rainbow styled ink. The bottle has incremental markings on it, to gauge usage.

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