Rift Ruin

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Rift Ruin
Rift Ruin.jpg
Opening image for Rift Ruin
Host level Iello Adventure
Stage order
Mag Mount Contrast Cave
Theme Music

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Rift Ruin is the first stage of Iello Adventure in Canvas Curse. Kirby travels through these yellow ruins presumably in search of Drawcia after being cursed to a ball form. Rift Ruin is the first stage in Canvas Curse with more than three areas. The giant orange switch controlling all of the orange Action Blocks of other areas, can be found in this stage. The ruins also introduce the totally dark rooms and the short-lived lanterns. The entire stage remains consistent with its yellow brick walls, floors, and temple or dungeon like hazards, hidden doors, and has extensive use of contact-activated objects.

Rift Ruin appears again as courses in the Rainbow Run mode. Area 5 appears as the Time Trial challenge and Area 3 as the Line Trial challenge. Despite having five areas, only three medals are allotted for the level. However, the Big Orange Switch allows Kirby to access medals and areas in other levels.

Area 1[edit]

Kirby begins the area near brick-lined hills and valleys. In two of the valleys, large cannonballs will fall from the ceiling and roll towards Kirby. Even the Waddle Dees in the room will be hurt by the cannonball. The stage zigzags as it ascends to higher ground, and a few automatically launching cannons can be used. The other large ball-made of rocks can be shattered with the stylus, or just avoided. The rock balls will shatter after hitting the ground instead of rolling around as a new danger. The exit door is hidden by a foreground panel.

The medal for Medal Swap trading can be acquired in the top-left hand corner of the room, simply by following the floating Point Stars. One of the foreground panels near the exit door contains some unknown health replenishment. The object can't be seen.

Area 2[edit]

This area, though small is entirely dark. The only visible objects are the trampolines and lanterns. Two Waddle Dees can be seen in the darkness as well. The lantern in the top left hallway will light the entire room for a short period of time. Since the layout of the area is covered in darkness, the map on the top screen is a better indicator of orientation.

Area 3[edit]

A contact activated canon fires Kirby up the tall shaft on the left side of the room. In order to progress further through Rift Ruins, Kirby will need to tap the Bomb Blocks and drop the canon from the right side of the room. Kirby can not ascend using Rainbow Lines because of a large barrier restricting ink use. Two spear-wielding Waddle Dees can be left on the blocks and safely passed completely. The canon will fire Kirby through the metal blocks in the ceiling.

The second medal for the ruins can be acquired by tapping bomb blocks close to the right wall before exiting the area. The medal will land on a small ledge over the open pit, and below the barrier.

Area 4[edit]

Kirby enters this area from the floor in the regular game mode. In the Time Trial version of Rainbow Run he begins through a portal. The area begins with a zigzagging climb to higher and higher levels while avoiding large spinning spike arms. The arms can be toggled on and off by tapping them with the stylus. After the checkpoint, contact-activated fans will lift Kirby through the following shafts. Flame Shotzos are nested on ledges along the shafts and Kirby will need to use Rainbow Lines to block the flames. The shotzos can not be destroyed.

A disguised doorway can be accessed in one of the shafts with Flame Shotzos. The door is behind a vent, but the map screen will indicate the exact location. Rocky will grant Kirby the necessary Stone ability, in order to pound the stake and break the blocks above the big switch and unlock all orange Action Blocks. The last ability possible to gain in this area is Crash.

Area 5[edit]

This area is another very small, single room. Several Bouncies, Waddle Dees, and a Waddle Doo are in the room. The final medal can be easily seen in a box made of blocks with the switch to open it inside. The Beam ability from Waddle Doo can whip through the blocks, hit the switch, and drop the medal to reach. The paint portal transports Kirby to the Jump Game.