Omarine Zone

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Omarine Zone
KCC Omarine Zone.png
Title screen for Omarine Zone
Stages Collapse Castle
Volatile Volcano
Silent Seabed
Level order
Bloo Hills Wonder Lilane
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Omarine Zone is the sixth level of Kirby: Canvas Curse, this collection of areas contains a castle, a volcano, and a sunken building. Kirby must visit this level in order to break the curse cast upon him by Drawcia. Omarine Zone is not accessible until after Bloo Hills and all previous levels are completed. After completing all three stages, Omarine Zone becomes available in Rainbow Run. Through each of its three stages, Omarine Zone has a total of nine medals to find, for use in the Medal Swap. The Rainbow Run counterpart area offers an additional six medals. The stages can beplayed in any order. At the conclusion of the third completed stage, a Boss Game will begin, which will pit Kirby against whatever game he has saved for last.

The stages of Omarine Zone can also be replayed with any unlocked character.


Stage Description
Collapse Castle is a trap-filled building similar to Rift Ruin in style. The majority of the dangers in the castle are non-destructible enemies (Shotzo, Gordo, and Flame Shotzo), open pits, rotating spiked arms, anti-ink barriers, and more. Collapse Castle instead challenges Kirby with puzzles and interactive objects more than enemy brawling.
Volatile Volcano is a volcanic area, similar to Mag Mount. This stage is notable for being among the few stages in Canvas Curse composed of more than three areas. Also unusual for the title, Kirby faces a pseudo-boss battle. Thudds appear in a locked room with Kirby. In order to progress, Kirby must eliminate the Thudds and the exit door will appear.
Like all other areas in Omarine Zone, Silent Seabed shares visual elements with a previous area, (Silver Submarine). Silent Seabed employs attributes raising the difficulty above most other stages, such as an automatic scrolling area, abundance of electrical blocks, scarcity of Energy Drinks, and the awkward underwater traveling method of the ball form.