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Special Course

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Special Course is a set of bonus courses only available in the Rainbow Run mode of Kirby: Canvas Curse. These Copy Ability-specific courses replace The World of Drawcia in the eighth slot of the Level Select wheel. Each course is "purchased" individually from the Medal Swap menu. The eight Special Courses limit Kirby to one specific copy ability. Of all copy abilities in the game, only Stone, Wheel, Missile, and Balloon have a pair of Rainbow Run courses. And each one offers medals for successful Time Trial and Line Trial challenge completions. As the courses cater to specific mastery of certain copy abilities, no other unlocked characters can be used.

Unlocking Courses[edit]

Four Special Courses are available for immediate purchase in Medal Swap starting at the 8th line for nine medals. The medals can be earned in the Main Game or in Rainbow Run challenges. The first four available are "Course A" for each copy ability. "Course B" only becomes available after the first is unlocked. All of the B Courses cost 10 medals to unlock. Each course offers three medals in its two modes, totaling six potential new medals for unlocking other rewards.

Common Traits[edit]

Each course shares a general simplistic appearance consisting of off white colored square bricks as the most abundant element. Other objects, hazards, enemies, and features vary with each course. Both modes (Time Trial & Line Trial) for each stage are the exact same stage but with the differing goals of playing for either the lowest time, or least amount of ink used. The background images are also kept in both trials, but change from stage to stage. Several Copy Ability Blocks can be found throughout the entire course requiring Kirby to use his ability to smash through. Copy abilities can not be lost or dropped; when Kirby takes damage, he'll be stunned for a moment, but the ability remains intact yet deactivated. The ability can be reactivated at any time after recovering from the stunned state. Kirby's health will reflect the number of life boosts unlocked. Excessive damage and falling through open pits will end the challenge.

Stone Courses[edit]

Opening screens for "Stone A" (top) and "Stone B" (Bottom)
Stone Course Goals
Course A Time Trial 0:55:00 1:15:00 1:30:00
Line Trial 1600 ml 0700 ml 0200 ml
Course B Time Trial 1:27:00 2:00:00 2:30:00
Line Trial 2000 ml 1000 ml 0200 ml

Stone Course A is a small stage in which Kirby can practice being a rolling stone on dry land. This course focuses on the vertical spans in which Kirby can employ the Stone ability down inclines and smash through Star Blocks, Bomb Blocks, and enemies. Enemies that can be found here are Bronto Burts, Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, Bouncies, and Glunks. The only environmental hazard present is a large open pit towards the end of the stage, but several interactive objects are found throughout the stage. Dash pads, cranes, trampolines, and cannons can be employed to help get Kirby to the goal. This course has several available paths, the more difficult to reach paths have more of the interactive objects which give Kirby an advantage depending on the game mode's goal.

Stone Course B is a much more difficult Stone course. Alternate paths can actually be a setback to completing this maze-like course's goals, for instance, dash pads can throw Kirby back the way he came. Several enemies were enlisted to the stage, activating the stone ability provides invincibility, but pounding the ground will sometimes be another setback depending on the circumstances. Enemies found here are Gordos, Glunks, Bronto Burts, Flame Shotzos, Blippers, and more. The challenges of this stage include a section of water traveling, a field in which Rainbow Lines can not be drawn, several interactive objects like Super Cannons, air lift fans, spinning blades, and pound stakes.

Wheel Courses[edit]

Opening screens for "Wheel A" (top) and "Wheel B" (Bottom)
Wheel Course Goals
Course A Time Trial 0:38:00 0:42:00 0:50:00
Line Trial 0400 ml 0150 ml 0001 ml
Course B Time Trial 0:45:00 0:52:00 1:00:00
Line Trial 0800 ml 0500 ml 0200 ml

Wheel Course A takes a Wheel powered Kirby through a small stage. The only enemies present are a small flock of Waddle Dees, which quickly become road-kill as Kirby races through the stage. The course zig zags, changing directions at each approach to a lower level. A curved rainbow line can be drawn to catch the speeding Kirby and change his direction of travel to keep the speed going. Several Star Blocks obstruct the course, but can simply be smashed by crashing through them. The first of the two cannons is worth bypassing, but the second shoots Kirby to near the top of a steep wall. The laser beams in the course are best blocked by having rainbow lines in front of them in Time Trial. Line Trial runs may simply take the damage instead of using precious ink. The only two areas required for ink usage are near a small bump early in the course, and the large pitfall just before the goal door.

Wheel Course B drives the Wheel powered Kirby through a larger obstacle course with more turns, enemies, hazards, and destructible objects. A quick comparison of the goals for the Wheel Courses shows higher limits to Course B, an indicator of the larger size and difficulty. Enemies found here include more Waddle Dees, Bronto Burts, Bouncies, and caterpillars. The laser beams of Course A are not present, but similar stretches of open pits return. Other hazards include spiked floors, spiked ceilings, and patches of magma.

Missile Courses[edit]

Opening screens for "Missile A" (top) and "Missile B" (Bottom)
Missile Course Goals
Course A Time Trial 1:08:00 1:20:00 1:30:00
Line Trial 0600 ml 0400 ml 0200 ml
Course B Time Trial 0:53:00 1:06:00 1:18:00
Line Trial 0500 ml 0400 ml 0200 ml

Missile Course A is one of the simplest courses. The stage spirals towards the center with several zig-zagging paths along the way. The entire course can be completed with the Missile form engaged in well under the amount of time for the medal rewards with effective manipulation of Rainbow Lines to guide the ballistic Kirby. The only enemies in the stage are Bouncies, Bloons, and Waddle Dees, however none of them present a threat. The cannons in the stage are only really useful in the Line Trial challenge to change direction of travel without wasting ink. Another notable aspect of the stage is the abundance of Copy Ability Blocks, which do little to deter travel while in missile form. The largest risk in the stage is colliding with a solid wall, doing so will stun Kirby, disengage the missile form and waste the time and ink needed to get back on track.

Missile Course B is a small course, but its difficulty derives from the tight turns needed to blast through. A game ending open pit and narrow passage occurs at the beginning of the stage. Several switches and bomb blocks requiring contact to open shutters also serve to necessitate the need for erratic traveling to contact them on-the-go. Enemies again present no threat while in missile form, Waddle Dees, Bonto Burts, Rocky, falling boulders, and Bouncy can all be shot in this stage. Only a single laser is in this stage, but is located near a switch.

Balloon Courses[edit]

Opening screens for "Balloon A" (top) and "Balloon B" (Bottom)
Balloon Course Goals
Course A Time Trial 0:50:00 1:05:00 1:15:00
Line Trial 0900 ml 0500 ml 0200 ml
Course B Time Trial 0:55:00 1:45:00 3:00:00
Line Trial 0800 ml 0300 ml 0100 ml

Balloon Course A is a simple upwardly traveling Balloon specific course. The Line Trial is the simplest to complete, as not even a single small stroke is needed to break Kirby from the directly up default. Just as the usual ball form, balloon bounces in alternate directions after contacting a wall. To begin the shifting movements, Kirby can be inflated then dropped and allowed to roll. Strategic inflating and wall bouncing are simple enough to master, thus granting all medals in a single run. The battery of Shotzos can deflate Kirby and drop him, causing the Time Trial to be more difficult.

Balloon Course B steps up the difficulty by adding spiked walls, and more enemies, including the Spear Waddle Dee. The stage includes several alternate paths, with some of them obstructed by star blocks and bomb blocks. One strange aspect of the Balloon Courses is the lack of balloon specific copy ability blocks. The most difficult aspect is getting an inflated Kirby through narrow paths to ascend to the goal doorway.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Extramotiv Extra motif