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Lantern (Kirby: Canvas Curse)

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KCC Dreamy Darkness 1.png
Kirby encountering a Lantern in a dark room in Dreamy Darkness
Type Device
Function Briefly lights up an area when touched or tapped
Found Various points in dark stages
Game(s) Kirby: Canvas Curse
Similar to Candle, Light
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This article is about the stage device in Kirby: Canvas Curse. For the item in Kirby Air Ride, see Lantern (Kirby Air Ride).
If Kirby is able to find and touch a lantern on pitch black stages...The entire stage will be lit up for a brief period of time.
— Kirby: Canvas Curse instruction booklet (NA print), page 18

A Lantern is a stage device that is present in a select few stages in Kirby: Canvas Curse. The presence of a lantern indicates that the stage has the potential to go dark, hindering the player's ability to see platforms and other elements. The stage can be lit up either by tapping it with the Magical Paintbrush or by having Kirby collide with a lantern by dashing into it, though the lantern will go out after a short while.

Lanterns appear in the Rift Ruin, Dreamy Darkness, and Collapse Castle stages.


  • When activated, the lantern plays a sound effect based on the one used when Fire Kirby lobs a fireball in Kirby Air Ride.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Laterne Lantern