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Block Attack

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Block Attack
KCC Boss game kracko.png
Gameplay screenshot of Block Attack.
Type(s) Breakout
Levels 3
Players 1
Appears in Kirby: Canvas Curse
Theme music
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Block Attack is a Sub-Game in Kirby: Canvas Curse. This sub-game is unlocked after Kirby defeats Kracko twice in the Sub-Games menu of the game file. Block Attack plays much like a Breakout game. Any one of three difficulty levels can be chosen prior to starting to play, and information on scoring can be accessed as well. Kirby behaves as though he was a ball and bounces freely throughout the stage, ricocheting off of anything he contacts. In order to progress further into the stage, Kirby must defeat all of the enemies on screen before time or health are depleted.[1] The sub-game climaxes in a Kracko battle.


Kirby will naturally bounce around and either weaken or destroy Star Blocks in his path.[2] To shorten vast spans from the targeted area and next object to ricochet from, a paddle can be drawn on the screen. The paddle generates a visible red line which will bounce Kirby back towards the targeted area. Although enemies subtract no health when struck, several obstacles that do can be found such as electric blocks, spiked walls, and exploding blocks. Generally stages have hidden Energy Drinks or in rare cases Maxim Tomatoes to replenish lost health.

After all enemies are eliminated, a gate will open and Kirby must be directed through the barrier to progress. Each stage completion will add time to the clock. The time added seems to vary from stage to stage depending upon the difficulty (+30, +60, and +90 seconds are commonly seen).

Controlling Kirby's exact path is difficult, given the chaotic movements. The paddle can be used to an extent to reign in the chaos. Since Kirby will bounce off of it, the paddle can be used to limit his field of travel to the targeted area. Another use, although trickier to do, is to draw the paddle then swing it to knock Kirby at a near 90 degree angle.

Difficulty, Scoring, and Ranking[edit]

Difficulty comes with three options. Level 1 is the easiest and is a smaller stage with fewer hazards, and a simpler boss fight. Level 2 uses wider areas for the stages, more spikes can be seen, and the boss fight is more challenging. Level 3 uses extremely large stages with several bumpers, hazards, enemies in tighter quarters, and the sheer number of blocks needing to be cleared to progress has exponentially increased. Level 3 continues even after defeating both Kracko and Kracko Jr. until either time or health are depleted. Time will be added to the clock for each stage cleared. However, obtaining an "A" rank is difficult.

Scores are given for the number of enemies destroyed, blocks bursted, stages cleared, and stars found. The subgame only rewards a Level 3 "A" rank with one medal. The blocks' color and number of stars indicate how many times it needs to be struck before being completely shattered. Red blocks become blue blocks with 3 stars after the first collision with Kirby. The blue blocks then turn to green dual starred blocks, followed by single star green blocks, and cracked blocks.

Clear Stage 1000 points Enemies 100 points
Blocks 10-40 points Kracko & Kracko Jr. 1000 points
Block Tap 1 point Star 10 points

Ranks are given upon completion of the Level, or in the case of Level 3, after Kirby loses all his health. The ranking system is in a cascading alphabetical format with sub-names for each rank given. The higher the score, the lower the alphabet letter will be and thus the higher the rank. Each Sub-game will record the top three scores for each level. Other than for measuring personal progress, and the medal reward for Level 3, the ranking solely exists for bragging rights.

  • Ranks
    • Rank AAA- Rainbow Hero
    • Rank AA- Lord Destroyer
    • Rank A- Master Destroyer
    • Rank B- Wreckage King
    • Rank C- Wreckage Knight
    • Rank D- Wreckage Hero
    • Rank E- Craftsman Crusher
    • Rank F- Lead Crusher
    • Rank G- Decent Crusher
    • Rank H- Average Breaker
    • Rank I- Apprentice Breaker
    • Rank J- Novice Breaker

Flavor text[edit]

Image Game Flavor text
Kirby Canvas Curse box art.png Kirby: Canvas Curse Defeat foes to move on!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブロックアタック
Block Attack
French Casse-Blocs Blocks Breaker
German Block Ade! Block Farewell!
Also a pun on "Blockade"
Italian Spaccablocchi Blocks Smasher
Spanish Rompebloques Block breaker


  1. "Defeat all the enemies to move on to the next stage."Kirby: Canvas Curse instruction manual (page 20)
  2. "Use the stylus to draw paddles, bouncing Kirby into blocks so he can break them."Kirby: Canvas Curse instruction manual (page 20)