Flame Shotzo

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Flame Shotzo
Flame Shotzo KCC artwork.png
Artwork of Flame Shotzo from Kirby: Canvas Curse
First game Kirby: Canvas Curse
Similar entities Shotzo
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KCC Flame Shotzo sprite.pngKCC Flame Shotzo 2 sprite.png Flame Shotzo is an invincible enemy and stage hazard from Kirby: Canvas Curse. As the name implies, it is similar to a Shotzo, but it spews a continuous gout of flame instead of firing discrete bullets. There are two different types of Flame Shotzo. One fires horizontal flames on a semi-regular basis, and resembles a helmet, which opens up when it is ready to spew. The second looks more like a traditional turret, and fires continuous flames upward or downward without end.

Flame Shotzo cannot be stunned or defeated. To safely avert its flames, the player will have to use the Power Paintbrush to draw a rainbow line between the Shotzo's line of fire and Kirby's path forward.