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KDL2 Crushed.png
Kirby getting crushed during an auto-scroller in Kirby's Dream Land 2
Type Hazard
Function Defeats anything that gets caught between two surfaces
Found In some areas in stages
Game(s) Various
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Crusher refers to any stage element, hazard or block which can cause instant life loss by squishing Kirby or another playable character. While not a common hazard in the Kirby series, it is just as dangerous as a bottomless pit, as it can usually defeat Kirby no matter how much Health he has remaining. Crusher hazards should not be confused with hazards that flatten Kirby momentarily but are not one-hit KOs, such as Squeaky Hammer Machines, Boulders, and other similar hazards.

In the simplest cases, a crusher will consist of a moving platform or landmass which makes contact with another platform. A character will only be crushed where those two elements make contact. In other cases, a stage element can be made into a crusher during an auto-scrolling section, when that element begins to leave the screen. If Kirby or another character are caught behind the object when that happens, they will be crushed (despite that making little sense in practice).

Crushers tend to only exist in stages themselves, and are not part of any enemy or Boss's arsenal of attacks. Items and other collectables tend to be hidden in areas prone to crushing, making retrieving them a risky prospect. In addition to playable characters, enemies and most items can also be crushed, which will remove them from the game.

Crushers are one-hit KOs in most games, but not in all. In Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn, being crushed does not K.O. Kirby; instead, he is grabbed out of the wall by Angie and placed into an open space somewhere, losing beads as he is transported. In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, much like bottomless pits, Kirby cannot instantly be defeated by getting crushed; instead, he loses some health and is teleported back to a safe area.