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Two sets of Kirbys using the Face-to-Face technique on each other in Kirby Fighters Deluxe.
Quote1.png If you touch an ally immediately after healing yourself with a food item during a multiplayer game, you will perform a Face-to-Face and heal your friend as well. Quote2.png
— Kirby's Return to Dream Land manual, page 8
Quote1.png To restore a teammate's stamina, pick up a healing item and feed it to your teammate. Quote2.png
— "Share healing items" Kirby Star Allies in-game tips

Face-to-Face (also called Item Share, Lending a helping hand[1] and Feed Me[2]; known as Mouth Feed in Japanese and internally in game files) refers to the action of sharing a Food item with a teammate to restore their Stamina. This action is performable in every game in the series with partners, except for Kirby's Epic Yarn (as that game does not employ Stamina). In Kirby Star Allies, however, it is called sharing.


The sound that plays when Kirby and his Helper perform a Face-to-Face in Kirby Super Star

To perform a Face-to-Face, the character in question must first grab a Food item to restore their health as usual. Then, within a short time window, that character must get close to a partner who is not at full health. If done correctly, both will pause for a moment and face each-other, almost as if they were kissing, and the partner will restore health equal to the Food item that was used. This action can be performed in mid-air, as well as underwater.

Any food item can be used to perform a Face-to-Face, but the effect does not stack with multiple food items consumed (this is not the case in Kirby Star Allies), instead using the last one consumed in the action. Additionally, multiple partners can be given a Face-to-Face using one food item, with no diminishing effect.

Invincible Candy and (in Kirby Fighters) Mint Leaves can also be shared using this method.

In the Team Kirby Clash games, Doctor Healmore's Science Lab move can produce a green potion which recovers health when used. This potion can be shared with other Kirbys using Face-to-Face.

Game Appearances[edit]

Face-to-Face can be performed in the following games:


  • Face-to-Face is often conflated with the two actors in question kissing each-other.
  • In Kirby Fighters Deluxe and Kirby Fighters 2, the Face-to-Face text bubble says "Smooch!" in English and "チュ♥" (Chu♥) in Japanese.
  • Notably, in the multiplayer gameplay of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, when one character picks up a food item, it is automatically applied to all other characters, healing them as if a Face-to-Face was performed.
  • In Kirby Star Allies, if Face-to-Face is done to an ally who is brainwashed by certain bosses, it will damage the brainwashed ally instead.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くちうつし
Mouth Feed


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