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Artwork of Kirby holding an Ability Star from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

An Ability Star is a star-shaped object that holds the essence of a Copy Ability within it. It is generated by Kirby, popping out of his body whenever he wants to discard an ability, or when he is hit by a strong enough attack. Swallowing an ability star will yield the Copy Ability that it held. It can also instead be spat out as a Star Bullet if the ability is no longer desired.

Appearance and Properties

Ability Stars debuted in Kirby's Adventure, along with Copy Abilities themselves. When they appear, they bounce along the ground, in a similar manner to a Starman from the Super Mario series. Kirby can inhale them and swallow them to gain back his ability, or spit them out as ammunition against his foes. They resemble Recoil Stars, apart from their propensity to bounce about the place. If left for too long, or if it makes contact with an environmental hazard such as magma or Spikes. the ability star bursts and disappears.

When in deep water, an Ability Star is basically irretrievable and will burst after a few seconds, unless Kirby has Kine to help him swallow it back up.

Exclusively in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, ability stars have many more pointed facets, and come in specific colors determined by the ability it represents. Power Combo stars are larger, and can come in one or two colored varieties. Here, they do not bounce, and instead can be held and tossed by Kirby. Tossing a singular star at a compatible enemy will transform that enemy into a Power Combo star, which can then be swallowed for the ability.

Starting with Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Ability Stars come in different colors and have the insignia of their designated Copy Ability inset. They can also be held and tossed like other items, and will not shatter when held. As such, one of Kirby's friends can hold an ability star for him while he does something else, then can retrieve it later.

Super Ability stars are larger than their standard counterparts, and do not bounce. They cannot be discarded at will by Kirby, but will always emerge in star form from a defeated super enemy. Unlike normal ability stars, Kirby simply has to touch one to activate the ability, and will always override Kirby's current ability in the process.